Cultural & Scientific Achievement

  • Born in 1898 in Al Najaf Province, Iraq.
  • He became the first Chairman of  the Iraqi Writers’ Union.
  • He was also the first Head of the Iraqi Journalists’ Syndicate.
  • He lead an unsettled life as he was compelled to move several times between different cities and countries. He also launched several short-lived newspapers.
  • Participated in many Arab and international events such as:
  • Abu Alala Al Ma’ari Festival in Damascus, 1944.
  • Arab Cultural Festival in Alexandria, 1959.
  • International Peace Conference in Vienna, 1956.
  • Ceremony to Honor Al Akhtal Al Sagheer, Beirut, 1961.
  • Received many awards such as the International Lotus Award from the Afro-Asian Writers, 1973.

Decision of the General Secretariat : 

 The General Secretariat of the Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Award has decided to grant this award to poet Muhammad Mahdi Al Jawahiri, in recognition of the great aesthetic value of his poetry and his intellectual and life experiences. His subject matter is unique and he has a strong presence in literary, intellectual, cultural and journalistic circles in the Arab world through his participation in literary festivals and events and writings. He has been an icon of neoclassicism in Arabic poetry in the modern age

Famous Works : 

  • ‘Halabat Al Adab’ (The Literary Arena), 1924.
  • ‘Bayn Al Atifa Wal Shu’oor ) (Between Emotions and Feelings), 1928.
  • ‘Diwan Al Jawahiri’ (Al Jawahiri’s Poetry Collection- 2 volumes), 1949.
  • ‘Bareed Al Ghurba’ (Mail from Exile), 1965.
  • ‘Bareed Al Awda’ (Mail of Homecoming), 1969.
  • ‘Ayyuha Al Araq’ (O’ Insomnia), 1971.
  • ‘Khalajat’ (Inner Feelings), 1971.
  • ‘Thikrayati’ (My Memories- 3 volumes), 1989.
  • ‘Al Jamhara: Mukhtarat Min Al Shi’r Al Arabi’ (The Assembly: Selected Arabic Poems), 1993.

He passed away on July 27,1997.