Literature Studies & Criticism

  • Born in 1920 in Ayn Ghazala village, Palestine.
  • Graduated from Arabic College in Jerusalem and worked in education in Palestine.
  • Received a scholarship from the Palestinian Government to pursue his graduate studies at Fuad Al Awal University (Currently known as Cairo University)
  • Edited and produced a number of important encyclopedias.
  • Lectured at several Arab and western universities.
  • Received many recognitions and awards both in the Arab World and abroad.

Decision of the General Secretariat : 

The ‘Literary Studies and Criticism’ award has been granted to Dr. Ihsan Abbas, in recognition of the richness of his writings in terms of quantity and of quality, making him one of the most influential and leading modern literary scholars. He has authored fifteen books on applied criticism, comparative studies, history of literature, history of criticism, and author biographies. Moreover, he has also written 34 books on poetry, prose, history and literature as well as 11 translated books of literary criticism, beginning with Aristotle and ending with the modern schools of criticism, including orientalist studies and creative texts. He also wrote dozens of studies, critical essays and reviews which have not hitherto been compiled in book form.

In addition to their rich quantity, his writings also display as his analyses of literary texts and writings display great command of various critical techniques and trends, making them a treasure trove of knowledge.

Famous Works : 

  • ‘Al Hasan Al Basri’, Cairo 1952.
  • ‘Abdul Wahab Al Bayati wal Shi’r Al Iraqi Al Hadeeth’ (Abdul Wahab Al Bayati and Modern Iraqi Poetry), 1955.
  • ‘Fan Al Shi’r’ (The Art of Poetry), 1953.
  • ‘Fan Al Seera’ (The Art of Biography), 1956.
  • ‘Abu Hayan Al Tawhidi’, 1956.
  • ‘Al Shi’r Al Arabi Fil Mahjar Al Amreeki, Dirasa Ma’a Mohamed Youssef Nijm’ (Arab Poetry in the Arab Diaspora, A Study with Mohamed Youssef Nijm), 1957.
  • ‘Al Shareef Al Radhi’, 1959.
  • ‘Al Arab Fee Saqalliya’ (Arabs in Sicily), 1959.
  • ‘Al Tashbihat Min Shi’r Ahl Al Andalus li Ibn Al Kittani’ (Poetry of Andalusia by Ibn Al Kittani), 1966.
  • ‘Badr Shakir Al Sayab: Dirasa Fee Hayatih Wa Shi’rih’(Badr Shakir Al Sayyab: A Study of His Life and Poetry), 1969.
  • ‘Amthal Al Arab Lil Mufaddal Al Dabbi’ (Arab Proverbs by Mufaddal Al Dabbi), 1980.
  • ‘Al Thakhira – Al Tathkira Al Hamdounia Li Ibn Hamdoun’ (The Cannon by Ibn Hamdoun), 1983.
  • ‘Al Rawd Al Mi’tar Fee Khabar Al Aqtar li Ibn Abdul Monem Al Humairi’, 1975.
  • ‘Suroor Al Nafs Bi Madarik Al Hawas Al Khams lil Tifashi’, 1980.
  • ‘Mir’at Al Zaman lil Sabat Ibn Al Jawzi’, 1985.
  • ‘Al Aghani Lil Asfahani’, 2008.
  • ‘Mu’jam Al Udaba’ li Yaqout Al Hamawi’ (The Encyclopedia of Authors by Yaqout Al Hamawi),  1993.


  • ‘Fan Al Shi’r li Aristo’ (The Art of Poetry by Aristotle), 1950.
  • ‘Ernest Hemingway by Carlos Baker’, 1959.
  • ‘Falsafat Al Hadara aw Al Maqal fil Insan li Ernest Cassirer’ (The Philosophy of Civilization and An Essay on Man by Ernest Cassirer), 1961.
  • ‘Yaqathat Al Arab li George Antonios’ (The Arab Awakening by George Antonios, co-author Dr, Nasser El Din Al Asad), 1962.
  • ‘Moby Dick by Herman Melville’, 1956.
  • ‘T.S. Eliot by Matthiessen’, 1965.


  • ‘Al A’mal Al Kamila Li Kamal Nasser’ (Complete Works of Kamal Nasser), 1974.
  • ‘Diwan Ibrahim Touqan’ (Ibrahim Touqan Poetry Collection), 1975.
  • ‘Shatharat Min Kutub Mafquda’ (Excerpts from Lost Books), 1988.
  • ‘Ghurbat Al Rae’i: Seera Thatiya’ (The Shepherd’s Alienation: Autobiography), 1996.

He passed away on July 30, 2003