Award Nomination Instructions


The award comprises a number of monetary prizes that are awarded to five or more Arab authors and intellectuals for their overall contribution to the following fields:


  • Poetry
  • Short Story, Novel and Drama
  • Literary Studies and Criticism
  • Humanities and Future Studies
  • Cultural and Scientific Achievement


  • The literary or intellectual contribution of the candidate should have a distinct impact on the cultural field and must reflect the authenticity of Arab thought, express the aspirations of the Arab people and represent a valuable addition to Arab culture.
  • The total value of the monetary prize is US $600,000.00 to be divided equally among the five categories of the award.
  • Eligible authors or writers may directly nominate themselves for the award.
  • Five authors may make written nominations of a candidate whom they deem eligible, provided that the candidate accepts their nomination when he/she is addressed by the General Secretariat.
  • All nomination forms should be submitted along with a resume of the candidate, a copy of his/her personal id as well as five copies of each of his/her publications and a nomination acceptance letter.
  • The candidate shall determine the literary genre or field that he/she is to be nominated for.
  • The decisions of the Judging Committee are final and non-appealable.
  • Winners of the Cultural and Scientific Achievement Award are selected regardless of their nationalities, political backgrounds, ideologies or religious beliefs.
  • Candidates who have won a similar Arab award are ineligible to apply for the award for the following 6 years (3 sessions) from the date of their previous award.
  • The General Secretariat is entitled to depend on its own sources for finding out about candidates who have recently won similar awards – as mentioned above- and freezing their nominations until the aforementioned period of time has passed.
  • Former members of the Judging Committee are not eligible to be nominated for the Award until a period of four years (2 sessions) has passed following their term of office.
  • Works by nominated authors should have been published in book form.
  • Submitted books and applications shall not be returned to the candidates regardless of whether they win or not.
  • Candidates should write their full name, accurate address and phone number in the application form and include 3 recent photographs (15×10 cm).
  • The General Secretariat reserves the right of disqualifying any entry that has not met the abovementioned requirements.


All entries are to be directly sent to the General Secretariat of the Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Foundation on the following address:

P.O. Box 143000 – Dubai UAE

Telephone: 00971-4-2243111

Fax: 00971-4-2217839

E-mail: [email protected]