• Born in Alexandria, 1926
  • Novelist, story writer and critic
  • Law degree from Alexandria University,1946
  • Worked for Ahli Bank, then for Egyptian Ahliya Insurance Co.
  • Joined the Afro-Asian Solidarity Organization in 1959, then the Afro-Asian Writers Union. He resigned after becoming Asst Secretary General for both. He remained as an adviser for both organizations for some time. Presently he is fully dedicated to writing
  • Contributed to publishing and editing Lotus Magazine for Afro-Asian literature and Gallery 68
  • Published many studies, articles and translations in Egyptian and other Arab Magazines.
  • Was a visiting Professor at St Anthony College of Oxford in the spring of 1979
  • His novel, Rama and the Dragon was taught in Paris University between 1984-1986
  • Won the State Story Award, in 1973, and the French-Arabic Award in 1991.

 Decision of the General Secretariat

The Board decided to grant the Novel award to Edward Al Kharrat in recognition of his capability to unite the components of his experience skillfully in a poetic style. His talent as a novelist is obvious through his integral vision in his works. He does not follow a style nor imitate. He enriched his works with true aspects of life and modernity. In his novels, words go side by side with the true world. He looks to a world that is freer, more glorious and more human.

 Famous Works

  • High Walls: Stories
  • Hours of Pride, Stories
  • Rama and the Dragon, novel
  • Suffocation of love and the morning, Stories
  • The Other Time, Novel
  • The Railway Station, novel
  • The Saffron Soil, prose
  • Ribs of the Desert, novel
  • Girls of Alexandria, Novel
  • Flying Creatures of Yearning, novel
  • Nights’ Waves, serialized story
  • Bobillo Stones, novel
  • Piercing by love, story
  • Fluttering of Salty Dream, Novel
  • Flying Buildings, novel

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