FOURTH SESSION 1994 – 1995
Human & Future Studies

    • Born in Asyut, Egypt in
    • Head of the Journalism Department- Faculty of Mass Communication, Cairo University.
    • Professor of International Journalism and Research Methods.



    • BA in Journalism, Cairo University 1960.
    • MA in African Journalism, Institute of African Studies 1968.
    • PHD in Mass Communication, Cairo University 1975.



    • Journalist at Al Ahram newspaper (1960-1964).
    • Journalist at Al Ahram Al Iktisadi newspaper (1968-1972).
    • Assistant Teacher at the Mass Communications Institute- Cairo University (1972-1975).
    • Teacher at the Department of Journalism- Faculty of Mass Communications (1975).
    • Assistant Professor at the Department of Journalism- Faculty of Mass Communications (1980).
    • Professor and Head of the Department of Journalism- Faculty of Mass Communications (1985-1987).
    • Vice Dean of the Faculty of Mass Communications for Graduate Studies and Research (1987).


Decision of the General Secretariat : 

The Board decided to grant the award to Dr. Awatef Abdul Rahman in recognition of her important and influential publications in the field of media studies. She has enriched the Arab library with critical approach and perspective, which have shaped Arab media thought. Her encyclopedic writings were never limited by geographical boundaries, but rather the broad scope of her academic studies includes the concerns and issues of Egyptian, Gulf, Arab and African journalism.

Famous Works : 

  • “Muqaddima Fil Sahafa Al Afriqiyya” (Introduction to African Journalism).
  • “Al Sahafa Al Suhyuniyya Fi Misr” (Zionist Press in Egypt 1897-1954).
  • “Misr wa Falasteen” (Egypt And Palestine).
  • “Afriqia Wal Ra’y Al Aam” (Africa and Public Opinion).
  • “Al Sahafa Al Arabiyya Fil Jaza’er” (Arabic Journalism in Algeria).
  • “Dirasat fil Sahafa Al Misriyya Al Mu’asira” (Studies on Contemporary Egyptian Journalism).
  • “Israel wa Afriqya min 1948-1984” (Israel and Africa from 1948-1984 (Joint authorship).
  • “Al Madrasa Al Ishtirakiyya Fil Sahafa” (The Socialist Approach to Journalism).
  • “Dirasat fil Sahafa Al Arabiyya Al Mu’asira” (Studies in Contemporary Arab Journalism).
  • “Buhooth Al Ittisal Wal Sahafa” (Researches on Communications and Journalism).
  • “Humoom Al Sahafa Wal Sahafiyyeen Fi Misr” (The Concerns Of Journalism and Journalists in Egypt).
  • “Fajr Al Sahafa Al Arabiyya” (The Dawn Of Arab Journalism).
  • “Al Mar’a Al Arabiyya Wal I’lam” (Arab Women and the Media).
  • Many of her researches and articles were published in academic journalists and periodicals.