• Born in Baraddon village, Yemen, 1929
  • Lost his sight while he was 6 years of old and lived in abject misery in his village
  • Left for Zimar to continue his studies
  • Was subjected to political oppression and imprisoned several times
  • Modernised Arabic poetry without giving up traditional aspects
  • His modern poetry was deeply rooted in tradition due to his studies in traditional poetry
  • Was a romantic poet, especially in the 1950s and 1960s
  • Introduced the dialogue to the Arabic poem and used in a delicate way within a strongly structured and integrated poem
  • Developed a distinguished vocabulary of and smoothly introduced foreign words in Arabic

 Decision of the General Secretariat   

The General Secretariat decided to give the poetry award to poet Abdullah Al Baraddouni because he is considered a beacon of modern classic poetry. He gave Arab poetry a new face and modern spirit, and combined traditional rhythm with modern language, thus deserving to be regarded a symbol of modern poetry.

Abdullah Al Baraddouni’s Poems are rich. He was a public figure in his time. He also opened new doors in poetic appreciation spreading the interactive aspect of poetry.

 Famous Works

  • From Palqis’ Land
  • On the Way to Dawn
  • The City of Tomorrow
  • For the Sake of Umm Palqis
  • Journey to Green Days
  • Smokey Faces in the Night
  • Shapeless Time
  • Beings of Another Yearning
  • Lanterns
  • Sandy Translation of Dusty Brides
  • The Answer of Ages


  • Yemeni Issues
  • Yemeni Poetry
  • Popular Literature in Yemen


  • Renewal of Yemeni Literature
  • Men and Events
  • From the first Poem till the Last Bullet in Al Zubairi’s Life

Died on August 30,1999

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