• He was born in 1929 in Bardoun village, Yemen.
  • He lost his eyesight after coming down with smallpox at the age of 5.
  • He continued his studies in Dhamar.
  • He was subjected to political oppression and was imprisoned several times.
  • He revolutionized Arabic poetic forms and introduced new stylistic techniques.
  • He studied Arab heritage poetry and was greatly influenced by it, hence giving his modern poems strong roots in tradition.
  • Al Bardouni is classified as a romantic poet, especially in the early part of his career during the 1950s and 1960s.
  • He introduced dialogue into his poems and skillfully employed within the framework of a cohesive well-structured poem that achieves harmony between form and content.

Decision of the General Secretariat : 

The General Secretariat decided to grant the poetry award to poet Abdullah Al Baradouni as he is regarded as an iconic figure in modern Arabic poetry of classical form. He reintroduced the Arabic poem in a new light and gave it a modern spirit by bringing together traditional rhythms and modern poetic language. In doing so, he combined the benefits of classical form and the novelty of modern poetic innovations.

The abundance and variety of Al Baradouni’s poetry collections, which extends over the span of his long career, have contributed to his great popularity. His literary endeavors have helped cultivate an appreciation of Arabic poetry and have contributed to spreading the interactive aspect of poetry.

Famous Works : 

    • ‘Min Ard Balqees’ (From the Land of Sheba)
    • ‘Fee Tareeq Al Fajr’ (On the Path of Dawn)
    • ‘Madinat Al Ghad’ (The City of Tomorrow)
    • ‘Li Aynai Um Balqees’ (For the Sake of Balqees’ Mother)
    • ‘Al Safar Ela Al Ayyam Al Khudr’ (Journey to the Green Days)
    • ‘Wujooh Dukhanniya Fee Maraya Al Layl’ (Smokey Faces in the Mirrors of the Night)
    • ‘Zaman Bila Naw’iyya’ (Shapeless Time)
    • ‘Ka’inat Al Shawq Al Aakhar’ (The Creatures of the Other Yearning)
    • ‘Rawagh Al Masabeeh’ (The Deceit of Lanterns)
    • ‘Tarjama Ramliyya Li A’ras Al Ghubar’ ( A Sandy Translation of Dusty Weddings)
    • ‘Jawab Al Usoor’ (The Answer of All Eras )


    • ‘Qadaya Yamaniyya’ (Yemeni Issues, A Study)
    • ‘Rihla fil Shi’r Al Yamani’ (A Journey in Yemeni Poetry)
    • ‘Funoon Al Adab Al Sha’bi fee Al Yaman’ (Forms of Popular Literature in Yemen)

    Other Publications

    • ‘Al Jadeed wal Mutajadid Fil Adab Al Yamani’ (Novelty and Modernity in Yemeni Literature)
    • ‘Rijal wa Mawaqef’ (Men and Stances)
    • ‘Min Awal Qaseeda Ela Akher Rasasa fee Hayat Al Zubairi’ (From the First Poem to the Last Bullet: A Poetic Study of Zubairi Poetry and his Life)

He died on Aygust 30,1999