THIRD SESSION 1992 – 1993
Humanities & Future Studies

  • Born in Aleppo in
  • Obtained a BA from Fuad I University -Cairo (Philosophy Department), 1946.
  • Obtained a PhD in Education from Sorbonne University, Paris in 1956.
  • High School teacher of Philosophy in Homs and Damascus (1946-1948).
  • Lecturer at the Faculty of Education, Damascus University, (1948-1966).
  • Chair Professor of Pedagogy and Head of Pedagogy Department, Faculty of Education – Damascus University (1960-1966).
  • Director of Education, Qatar Government (1957-1958).
  • Manager of Cultural Affairs at Syria’s Ministry of Culture, (1959-1960).
  • Syria’s Minister of Information (1962-1964).
  • Syria’s Minister of Education (1966).
  • Taught Educational Planning & Management at the Regional Centre for Educational Planning & Management in Arab Countries, Beirut (1962-1972).
  • Lecturer at the Faculty of Education, the Lebanese University (1974-1975).
  • Educational Planning Expert at the UN Demographic Centre, Cairo, 1973
  • Director of UNESCO’s Education Development Program in Oman (1975-1976).
  • Head of UNESCO’s mission to Western Africa (Nigeria, Benin, Ghana), 1976-1978.
  • Head of UNESCO’s Educational Programs in the Arab World and Europe, Paris 1978-1985.
  • Member of Educational Development Committee, Kuwait (1985-1987)
  • Member of the Arabic Language Academy in Damascus (Correspondent Member).

Decision of the General Secretariat : 

The jury has awarded the Human and Futuristic Studies award to Dr. Abdullah Abdel Dayem, for his distinguished service to education and Arab culture both on the Arab and international fronts. His prolific scholarly writings and his deep understanding of pivotal issues and concerns of Arab society, combined with his commitment to scientific Methodism and intellectual independence, and his serious efforts to spread intellectual values and objectivity, all make him worthy of respect and recognition.

Famous Works : 

  • ‘Al Takhtit Al Tarbawi: Usooluh wa Asaleebuh Al Fanniyah wa Tatbiqatuh Fil Bilad Al Arabiyya’ (Educational Planning: Principals, Techniques and Implementation in Arab Countries).
  • ‘Al Tarbiya Al Tajreebiya Wal Bahth Al Tarbawi’ (Experimental Education and Educational Research) Beirut 1984.
  • ‘ Al Tarbiya Abr Al Tareekh’ (History of Education) Beirut- Dar El Ilm Lilmalayin Publishers, 1984.
  • ‘Al Tarbiya Al Aama’ (General Education, a translation) Beirut, 1985.
  • ‘Al Tanabu’ Bil Hajat Al Tarbawiyya Tahqeqan li Ahdaf Al Tanmiya Al Iqtisadiyya Wal Ijtima’iya’ (Predicting Educational Needs in Fulfillment of Economic and Social Development Goals, a translation), 1964.
  • ‘Al Thawra Al Teknolojiyya Fil Bilad Al Arabiyya’ (Technological Revolution in Arab World) 1984.
  • ‘Al Tarbiya Fil Bilad Al Arabiyya’ (Education in Arab World) Beirut, 1984.
  • ‘Al Tarbiya Wal Amal Al Mushtarak’ (Education and Joint Action), 1988.
  • ‘Al Tarbiya Wa Tanmiyat Al Insan Fil Watan Al Arabi’ (Education and Human Development in the Arab World), 1988.
  • ‘Nahw Falsafa Tarbawiyya Arabiyya’ (Towards an Arab Educational Philosophy),
  • ‘Dirasat Fikriyya: Duroob Al Qawmiyya Al Arabiyya’ (Intellectual Studies: Paths of Arab Nationalism), Beirut (published by Dar Al Adab), 1959.
  • ‘Al Tarbiya Al Qawmiyya’ (National Education), Beirut (published by Dar Al Adab), 1959.
  • ‘Al Tarbiya Al Qawmiyya’ (Civic Education), Beirut (published by Dar Al Adab), 1959.
  • ‘Al Qawmeyya Wal Insaniyya’ (Nationalism and Humanity), Beirut (published by Dar Al Adab), 1959.
  • ‘Al Ishtirakiyya Wal Deemoqratiyya’ (Socialism and Democracy).
  • ‘Al Jeel Al Arabi Al Jadeed’ (The Modern Arab Generation), 1961.
  • ‘Al Watan Al Arabi Wal Thawra’ (Revolution and the Arab World), 1963.
  • ‘Al Takhteet Al Ishtiraki’ (Socialist Planning), 1965.
  • ‘Fee Sabeel Thaqafa Arabiyya Thatiyya’ (Towards an Autonomous Arab Culture), 1983.
  • ‘Manba’a Al Akhlaq Wal Deen’ (Translation of ‘The Two Sources of Morality and Religion’ by Henri Bergson), 1983.
  • ‘Mu’allafat Akadimiyya: Al Moujaz Fee Ilm Al Nafs’ (Academic Publications: A Concise Guide to Psychology), 1956.
  • ‘Ilm Al Ijtimaa’ (Sociology), 1959.

Died on September 10,2018