• Date and Place of Birth: Beirut, Lebanon – 1942
  • BA in Arabic Literature •  BA in Law •  PhD in History
  • Member of the Lebanese Writers’ Union
  • Member of the Arab Writers’ Union
  • Member of Honor of the Jordanian Writers’ Association
  • Selections from his poetry have been translated into Spanish, French, English and Persian. •  Numerous academic studies have been written about his poetry (including 2 MA theses and a PhD thesis). •  His poetry is taught at the Lebanese University, in the Faculty of Arts, Year IV. His poetry is also taught at several Arab Universities.
  • Several studies have been published about his poetry, including a study written in Spanish by Orientalist Dr. Pedro Martin and published in a booklet (Al Manara Publishing 77 Madrid). The booklet includes a Spanish Translation of the poem “Searching for Granada”.
  • The book, The Poetic Language of Mohammed Shams Al Din, was published about his poetry within the series, Modern Literature (Al Reef Cultural Movement- Lebanon 1996). The book is written by Dr. Ali Nahdi Zaitoun.
  • Important Publications: Poetry Collections:

“Smuggled Poems to My Beloved Asia”

“Clouds for the Dreams of the Dethroned King”

“I am a Rooster My King… My Beloved”

 “The Purple Fork” -“Birds Flying to the Bitter Sun””

“Admiral of the Birds”

“Hasn’t the dancing stopped yet?” (Several editions of the poetry collections above were published by Dar Al Adaab Publishing House, Beirut. In addition, they were collectively published in one volume by Suad Al Sabah Publishing House, Cairo,1994)

“Tilling the Wells” (Dar Al Jadeed Publishing, Beirut, 1997)

“Houses of Dice” (Al Intishar Al Arabi Foundation, Beirut, 1999) Prose

“Stony Winds” (Dar Al Alamiya Publishing , Beirut, 1981)

The Book of Wandering” (Dar Al Hadatha, Beirut, 1987)

“Circles of Solitude” (Dar Al Jadeed, Beirut, 1993)

In his autobiography, the poet tells us: “Deek Al Jin Al Humsi is the strangest creature of all.

He is a wretched Bohemian poet, a drunkard, a lover, an adorer, a lunatic, a murderer, and a penitent man with a very suggestive name.

 I wrote about him in the poem (The Return of Deek Al Jin to Earth): ‘I am Deek Al Jin, and I am also the wind. I love the wind that blows… The fierce wind.

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