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  • Born in Safita city in Tartous Governorate, Syria, in 1945.
  • In 1970, he joined the Arabic Language Department in Damascus University, from which he graduated to be an Arabic teacher. He worked as a teacher of Arabic in Raqqa, and eventually becoming Principal of Al Rasheed Secondary School in Raqqa Syria.
  • He co-founded “Jama’at Al Harf” literary group.
  • He became a Member of the Arab Writers’ Union in 1970.
  • In 1972, he began teaching Arabic at Dar Al Mu’alimin and the Aleppo Scientific Institute in Aleppo.
  • In 1982, he founded Dar Al Hiwar in Latakia, Syria.
  • He embarked on his writing journey in 1959, at the age of fourteen. His debut piece was a long story that is still a manuscript.
  • In 1969, he wrote his first novel, Yandah Al Tofan (The Flood Expands), which was published in 1970.
  • Many of his works have been translated into foreign languages.
  • He has authored many studies and books of criticism.

Award :

  • Ghaleb Halsa Award for Cultural Creativity, Amman- Jordan (1994).
  • Bashraheel Award for Arabic Novel, Cairo (2003).
  • He was honored at Tunisia International Book Fair (2019)
  • His novel Madarat Al Sharq (Orbits of the East, 4 volumes) came in the 20th place in the 100 best Arab novels list.

Important Publications :  

  • Yandah Al Tofan (The Flood Expands), novel (1970).
  • Al Sijn (The Prison), novel (1972).
  • Thalj Al Saif (Summer Snow), novel (1973).
  • Jermati, novel (1977).
  • Al Masalla (The Obelisk), novel (1981).
  • Qaisun Yabki ( Qais Weeps), novel (1988).
  • Madarat Al Sharq (Orbits of the East), novel in 4 volumes (1993).
  • Atyaf Al Arsh (Spectrums of the Throne), novel (1995).
  • Majaz Al Ishq (The Pathway of Love), novel (1998).
  • Fi Ghiyabiha (In Her Absence), novel (2009).
  • Dal’oun, novel (2010).
  • Hajar Al Sara’er (The Stone of Secrets), novel (2010).
  • Mada’en Al Urjuwan (Cities of Violets), novel (2013).
  • Jidariyat Al Sham: Namnouma (Syrian Murals), novel (2014).
  • Tareekh Al Oyoun Al Mutfa’a (History of the Dimmed Eyes), novel (2019).