• Born in Gharbiya, Egypt, 1922
  • Currently, part-time professor, Ain Shams University
  • Worked in education since 1951
  • Professor at Benghazi university 1970, Sana’a University 1981 and lectured at London University’s Eastern Languages School 1963-1966 and American University of Cairo
  • Attended many events in Jeddah, Bahrain, Cairo and Morocco.

 Decision of the General Secretariat   

Nassif dedicated nearly half a century of his life to modern literary criticism. He wrote a large number of theoretical and applied critical studies that contributed to establishing a modern Arab trend that maintains traditional inspiration while remaining open to modern universal trends.He revised many prevailing critical concepts and rules and polished the aesthetics of normal texts.


  • Babtin Award of Best Poetry Criticism Book
  • The State Merit Award, Egypt

 Famous Works

  • The literary Image
  • Studies of Arabic literature
  • The Child Motif in Al Mazini Works
  • The Theory of Meaning In Arabic Criticism
  • The Problem of Meaning In Arabic Criticism
  • A Second Reading of Our Old Poetry, Language between Rhetoric and Style
  • Taha Hussain and the Heritage
  • Rivalry with Critics
  • The Theory of Interpretation
  • Voice of the Old Poet
  • The Absent Face
  • Ahmad Hijazi, the Modern Poet
  • Our Culture and the Modern Poetry
  • Language, Rhetoric and the New birth
  • Language, Interpretation and Communication
  • Approaches to Arabic Prose
  • A Second Theory for Arabic Criticism