• Born in Tunisia 1938


  • Al Sadikia Elementary School in Tunisia
  • Karno High Institute in Tunisia
  • The Tunisian University
  • College de France, Paris (Language and Arab Literature, Sociology, Moorish Sociology, Anthropology)
  • Philosophy, languages and French literature, cinema Art with its industry, technology and training – France 1966.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Editor-in-Chief of (Al Adel Al Thakafi) weekly literature newspaper 1969
  • Editor-in-Chief of (Al Hayat Al Thakafia) monthly magazine published by Ministry of Culture 1969
  • Director of the World Festival of Al Hammamat City 1976
  • Director of the Cultural World Center in Al Hammamat 1982
  • Director of the International Festival of Tabarkah City 1986-1988
  • Head of Summer Philosophy University  in Tabarkah 1986-1988
  • Head of the Committee of the festival “Qartaj Cinema Days” 1990
  • Head of the Cultural Committee of Tunisia Municipality (city) 1991
  • Head of Qartaj Theatre Day Festival 1990

Other Responsibility:

  • Participated in studies, research and lectures in several theatre seminars and festivals in the following countries: Tunisia, Morocco. the Arabian Theatre in Al Rabbat, Kuwait, Algeria, Saudi, Iraq, Bahrain, Oman and Cairo.
  • Organized workshop for play writing in The Kuwait High Theatre Arts Institute 1998
  • Organized workshop for play writing in the National Centre for Theatre, Music and folklore in Cairo 2000
  • Expert in theatre affairs for three years in the Arabian Organization of Education, Culture and Science. He was also member in the Arabian Judging Committee of this organization’s Competition for writing a play about Palestine.
  • Member of the International Judging Committee for the Cairo International Experimental Theatre 1998

Contribution in Theatre Encyclopedias:

  • The French Encyclopedia Dictionary (Corvan) Pourdas, Paris 1991
  • The Theatre Dictionary which was published by Book Public Egyptian Authority, Cairo 1995
  • The Canadian Encyclopedia Dictionary, 1998
  • Translated several plays from English, French and Spanish. These plays were the subject of several studies in Universities, whether in Tunisia or France such as Sorbon University and Morocco.
  • He taught in several Art institutes, colleges and universities in several Arabian countries.


  • The Cultural Medal
  • The Tunisian Literature Government Award 1989

Famous Works

  • The Revolution of the Donkey’s Owner 1971
  • The Negro Volume 1972
  • Al Hallaj Journey 1973
  • Forgiveness 1976
  • The Fatimiah Condolences 1990
  • My Mawlai the Sultan  Al Hassan Al Hafsi 1977
  • The Squaring and Circling 1989
  • The Carrier and girls 1989
  • On the Rich Sea 1989
  • Hamoudah Pasha and the French Revolution 1991
  • Qartaj
  • The Women Book
  • Captions from Al Resheiah Biography
  • Romeo and Juliat (rewriting)
  • The Mare Laskhilos (rewriting)
  • Richard the Third (translation from English and French)
  • Coriolan (translation and rewriting)
  • Women of Troy (translation)

Other Literature Works:

  • Fairy Tales (Short Stories) 1968
  • Stories from this time 1982
  • Assault (novel) 1988
  • Abu Al Qasim Al Shabi (collection of the poet volume in coordination with Al Taher Kika) 1984
  • The Experimental Literature (critic, theories and splendor) 1972
  • The Pioneers of play writing in Tunisia 1986
  • Ammar Farhat (Pioneer Artists) 1979
  • Naja Al Mahdawi (Tunisian Artist established the Arabian calligraphy sign) 1983
  • The Arabian City 1983
  • Nights that remained Awake because of him, collected the works of Ali Al Douaji, the major writer in Tunisia 1969
  • Under theFence, collection of Ali Al Douaji literature works 1957