Painting by the artist: Ihsan Al-Khatib – Iraq

  • Born in 1945 in Baghdad, Iraq.
  • Obtained a BA in Arabic Literature from the Faculty of Arts at the Mustansiriyah University, Baghdad, in 1973.
  • Obtained a Ph.D. in Criticism and Modern Literature from the University of Exeter, the United Kingdom, in 1984.


Academic Career

  • Professor of Modern Arabic Literature and Criticism at the United Arab Emirates University, Al Ain- UAE (1997-2015).
  • Associate Professor at Sanaa University, Yemen (1994-1997).
  • Lecturer at Sanaa University, Yemen (1991-1994).
  • Lecturer at the Faculty of Arts, Mustansiriyah University, Baghdad (1990-1991).
  • Lecturer at the Faculty of Arts, Baghdad University, Baghdad (1988-1989).
  • Lecturer at the Faculty of Arts, Mustansiriyah University, Baghdad (1985-1987).



  • Editor in Chief of “Al Aqlam” literary magazine (in addition to teaching in University).
  • Editor in Chief of “Al Thaqafa Al Ajnabiyya” magazine, Baghdad (1980).
  • Editorial Secretary of “Al Aqlam” literary magazine (1979).
  • Head of the Theatre and Folk Art Department, Iraq (1976-1978).
  • Editor at “Al Aqlam” literary magazine (1970-1975).


Other Contributions

He was a member of the jury panels of many Arab poetry and criticism awards, including:

  • King Faisal Prize, Riyad.
  • Sheikh Zayed Book Award, Abu Dhabi.
  • Arabic Poetry Award, Cairo.
  • Al Babtain Prize for Poetic Creativity, Kuwait.
  • Sharjah Innovation Award, Sharjah.
  • Girls’ Clubs Award, Ajman.

He participated in numerous Arab poetry festivals and literary conferences. Beyond the Arab world, he also gave poetry readings at the University of Columbia in New York (2015) and in Istanbul (2018).

Critical Works:

    • “Al Shi’r Wal Talaqqi: Dirasat Naqdiyya” (Poetry and Reception: Critical Studies), Amman, 1997.
    • “Al Shi’r Al Arabi Fi Nahayat Al Qarn” (Arabic Poetry at the Turn of the Century), joint authorship, 1997.
    • “Alam Ghalib Halsa” (The World of Ghalib Halsa), Amman, joint authorship (1996).
    • “Fee Hadathat Al Nas Al Shi’ri” (On the Modernism of the Poetic Text), Critical Studies, Baghdad (1990).
    • “Dima’ Al Qaseeda Al Hadeetha” (The Blood of the Modern Poem), Articles, Baghdad (1989).
    • “Al Sharif Al Radi: Mukhatarat min Shi’rih” (Selected Poems by Al Sharif Al Radi), joint authorship, Baghdad (1985).
    • “Mamlakat Al Ghajar: Dirasat Naqdiyya” (The Kingdom of Gypsies: Critical Studies), Baghdad (1981).
    • “Qasa’ed Mukhtara: Dirasa wa Mukhtarat” (Selected Poems: A Study and Selected Poems), Baghdad (1977).
    • “Al Binya Al Deramiyya Fil Qaseeda Al Hadeetha” (Dramatic Structure in Modern Poetry), “Fusool” Literary Journal (1st and 2nd issues), Cairo (1973).
    • “Al Shi’r Wal Madina” (Poetry and the City), “Al Aqlam” literary magazine (5th issue), Baghdad (1986).
    • “Al Shi’r wal Zaman” (Poetry and Time), a paper delivered at Struga Poetry Festival, Yugoslavia (1984).
    • “Al Madi Wal Hadher fee Tafa’ol Hai: Muqadima lil A’mal al Shi’riyya Al Kamila lil Sha’er Ibrahim Sa’eed” (The Live Interaction of Past and Present: An Introduction to the Complete Poetic Works of Poet Ibrahim Saeed), Volume I (1984).
    • “Al Hulm wal Wa’y wal Qaseeda: Maqalat fil Shi’r wa ma Yujawiruh” (Dreams, Consciousness and the Poem: Articles on Poetry and Related Issues), Sharjah Department of Culture (2018).
    • “Fee Madeeh Al Nusoos: Qira’at Naqdiyya Hamima” (In Praise of Texts: Critical Readings).
    • “Min Nas Al Ustoora ela Ustoorat Al Nas” (From the Text of Myths to the Mythology of Texts).
    • “Ha Hiya Al Ghaba, Fa Ayna Al Ashjar” (Here is the Forest but Where Are the Trees?).


    Poetry Collections

    • “La Shay’a Yahduth, la Ahad Yajee’” (Nothing Happens, No One Comes).
    • “Watan Li Tuyoor Al Maa’” (A Homeland for the Water Birds).
    • “Shajar Al Aa’ela” (Family Trees).
    • “Fakihat Al Madhi” (Fruits of the Past).
    • “Ayam Adam” (Days of Adam).
    • “Mamalek Da’eaa” (Lost Kingdoms).
    • “Sayyid Al Wahshatayn” (Master of Loneliness).
    • “Hakatha Qultu lil Reeh” (What I told the Wind).
    • “Thaheb listiyad Al Nada” (Going to Catch the Dew).
    • “Nida’ Al Bidayat” (The Call of Beginnings).
    • “Watan Yatahajja Al Matar” (A Homeland that Spells Rain).
    • “Ta’er Yata’athar bil Daw’” (A Bird Tripping on Light).


    Many scholars and critics have shown great interest in his poetic and critical contributions and twelve MA and Ph.D. theses were written about his poetic experience in Universities in Iraq, Egypt and Jordan.


    Many of his books were translated into other languages, including English and Spanish.


    Contact Details:

    [email protected]