Born on 3/9/1933 in Alexandria, Egypt.

He graduated from the Faculty of Law, Alexandria University in 1957.

He obtained a Diploma in Criminal Sciences from Cairo University in 1963.

Postgraduate Studies in Law and Social Sciences, University of Dijon- France.

Adjunct Professor of Research Methods, Faculty of Information- Cairo University (1974-1977) Adjunct Professor of Sociology, the American University in Cairo (1976-1978)

Adjunct Professor of Political Science, Institute of Arab Research and Studies (1978-1979)

Professor of Political Sociology, National Center for Social and Criminal Research

Director of Al Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies (1975-1995)

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of “The Arab Strategic Report” (1978-1994)

Founder of the Arab Strategic Conference, which is held periodically in cooperation with the Center for Strategic Studies, the University of Jordan. It is the first Arab conference on “National Security”

Secretary General of the Arab Thought Forum, Amman- Jordan (1990-1992)

Member of the Supreme Council for Culture, the Arab Republic of Egypt

He gave lectures in numerous Arab and international universities (Harvard, Oxford, Berlin, Sorbonne, London and Tokyo)

Important Publications: – 

 “Historical Consciousness and the Cosmic Revolution”

 “Arab Time and Global Future”

“Globalization and the Third Path”

“Internationality and Globalization”

 “The Anatomy of the Israeli Mind”

 “Informatics and Global Civilization”

“The Zionist Myth and the Palestinian Intifada”

“Citizenship in the Age of Globalization”

“Cultural Dialogue in an Era of Globalization”

Mobile number: 002 012 2317922