You are currently viewing Al Owais Cultural Foundation to Host “Ya Mal El Sham”: An evening of Syrian Heritage with Vocalist Abboud Bashir

Al Owais Cultural Foundation to Host “Ya Mal El Sham”: An evening of Syrian Heritage with Vocalist Abboud Bashir

The Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Foundation will be hosting a gala concert by Syrian vocalist Abboud Bashir and his ensemble under the title of “Ya Mal El Sham: Melodies from Syria’s Heritage”. The event, which will take place on Thursday, October 25, 2018, will feature a performance by the veteran Aleppine singer that will include a collection of heritage songs from the city of Aleppo, where Bashir was born.

The concert will feature a selection of songs, muwashahat and adwar, which Bashir is known for, such as: “Yamurru Ajaba” (Passing in Wonder), “Ya thal Qawam” (Thy Figure), “Ya Bahjat Al Rouh” (Oh Bliss of the Soul), “Mala Al Kasat Wa Saqani” (He Filled the Cups and Gave Me to Drink”, “Qadduka Al Mayas” (Your Swaying Figure), “Imta Al Hawa” (When Love?) “Ya Teira Teery Ya Hamama” (Fly O’ Dove!), “Malek Ya Hilwa?” (What’s Wrong Pretty One?), “Yamal El Sham” (Oh Treasure of Damascus), “Ib’atli Gawab” (Send Me a Letter) and “Seebooni Ya Nas” (O People, Leave Me Alone!) among many other memorable songs.

It is worth mentioning that Abboud Bashir was born in Aleppo and has been working as a teacher of oriental music in Syria, the UAE and the United States since 1990. In the early 1980s, he founded Al Orouba Club Youth Band in Aleppo.

Bashir was a student of leading musicians and vocalists such as the sons of Hajj Ali Darwish, Sheikh Bakri Kurdi, Abdul Qader Radeef, Hajj Ahmed Karasi, Sabri Al Mudallal, Bahjat Hassan and Qadri Dalal. He participated in major cultural festivals in Syria including Khan Al Harir Festival, Al Habba Festival, Capital of Islamic Culture Festival and Al Basel Festival. Moreover, he took part in many Arab and international cultural festivals in Libya, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, the United States, Argentine, Brazil, Canada, Sweden, Germany, England, France, Italy, Italy, Romania, Holland and Russia. He also performed in a number of concerts at the Cairo Opera House under the management of Dr. Ratiba Al Hefni.

Furthermore, Bashir participated in a number of TV series including: “Bab Al Hadeed”, “Khan Al Hareer”, “Al Urs Al Halabi”. He also took part in several plays such as “Fasad Acadimi”, “Fada’iyat 2000” and “Ilhakina ya Hokuma”.

This gala concert is a culmination of a year filled with successful cultural events for Al Owais Cultural Foundation, where it hosted an exquisite group of activities and hosted a number of leading singers such as Riham Abdel Hakim, Ghada Shbeir, Najat Rajawi, Makadi Nahhas, Shatha Hassoun and Ayman Tayseer among others. The foundation had also hosted many renowned Arab and international music groups such the Cairo Opera House Group, the Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra, Henhouse Prowlers Band from the United States and the World Vision Choir from Korea among others.