• Name: Yousef Ishaq el-Sharoni
  • Also known as: Yousef el-Sharoni Biography:
  • Born October 14, 1924.
  • Obtained Bachelor of Arts, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Cairo 1945.
  • Involved in the Supreme Council for the Care of the Arts, Literature and Social Sciences (currently: The Supreme Council for Culture) later holding the position of Deputy Minister.
  • Started his creative career by writing short stories, lyrical prose in the late forties, he later went on to marry short stories with his literary studies, heritage and translation.
  • His stories were translated into many foreign languages.
  • Participated in many radio and television programs, in particular taking part with other critics and discussing the writings of younger authors.
  • Participated and contributed to the preparation of, many Arab literary conferences, as well as many literary symposia.
  • Member of the Folklore Committee, the Supreme Council of Culture.
  • Member of the Writers Association, Litterateurs Union, Story Club and Writers Union. Honors Received:


1) State Award incentive in the story for his story (Al Zuham) – 1970.

2) State Award incentive in exchange for writing (Examples from Egyptian Novels) – 1978.

3) First Order Merit, Science and Arts – 1970.

4) Second Order Merit, Republic – 1979.

5) State Appreciation Award 26.6.2001.


Most Prominent Work:

Short Stories:

  • The Five Lovers.
  • Letter to a Woman.
  • The Crowd.
  • Halawat-al-Roh
  • Chasing Midnight
  • Akhir-al-Ankoud.
  • The Mother and the Monster.
  • Musical Chairs.
  • The Chosen.
  • Full Collection of Stories  – volume 1.
  • Full Collection of Stories  – volume 2.
  • The Final Evening, lyrical prose.


  • Studies in contemporary Arabic literature
  • Studies in love.
  • Studies in the novel and short story.
  • Irrationality in contemporary literature.
  • Contemporary Egyptian Novels
  • Examples from Egyptian Novels.

His work covering The Sultanate of Oman:

  • Sindabad in Oman.
  • Distinguished Personalities of Oman.
  • In and Around Oman.
  • An Omani Profile.


  • Translated several books including:


  • Seneca – Oedipus: Arab Theatre Series, Ministry of Information, Kuwait, 1976
  • Sophie Treadwell – The Mechanism, Arab Theatre Series, Ministry of Information in Kuwait, 1988.
  • John Boulderstone, World Theatre Series, and the Ministry of Information, Kuwait, 1990.
  • Many of his short stories have been translated into a number of languages (Swedish, Russian, Greek, Chinese and Danish)

Date of death 19 January 2017 (93 years)