You are currently viewing Sheikh Zayed Book Award Longlist Announced for “Literary and Art Criticism” Category (2018-2019)

Sheikh Zayed Book Award Longlist Announced for “Literary and Art Criticism” Category (2018-2019)

The Sheikh Zayed Book Award (SZBA) has announced its ‘“Literary and Art Criticism”’ longlist for the thirteenth edition (2018-2019). The longlist includes 9 titles that were selected out of 151 nominations received in the category. Most of nominations received came from Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco and Lebanon.

The longlisted titles are:

  • ‘Al Khetab Tholathy A Ab’aad: Derasat Fe Al Adab Al Mo’aser’ (Three-dimensional Discourse in Contemporary Literature) by academic Dr. Samar Al Dayyoub (2017) published by Department of Culture – Sharjah
  • ‘Al Nazarya Al Simya’eia Men Al A’lama Ela Al Khetab’ (Semiotic Theory) by scholar Prof. Dr. Ahmed Youcef (2018) published by King Saud University
  • ‘Sena’at Al Nuqood Bi Afriqya Khelal Al Ahd Al Ziri’ (Making Money in Africa during the Zairian Period), by scholar Mohamed Al-Ghadban, published by Regroupement Latrach des Livres Spécialisés (2018)
  • ‘Al Naqd Al Hadary Lel Khetab’ (The Cultural Critique of Discourse) by scholar Prof. Dr. Abdel Fattah Ahmed Youssef, published by Editions Ibn Nadim Publishing & Distribution/ Dar Rawafed (2017)
  • ‘Al She’r Al ‘Arabi: Qasidat Al Nathr’ (Contemporary Arabic Poetry: The Prose Poem) by scholar Dr. Charbel Dagher, published by Al Maaref Forum (2018)
  • ‘Awlad Haretna’ (Children of our Alley: the Biography of the Forbidden Novel) by scholar Mohamed Shoair, published by ElAin Publishing (2018)
  • ‘Al Khetab Wal Ma’arefa’ (Discourse and Knowledge: The Journey from the perspective of Anthropological Narratives) by academic Ibrahim Al Hajari, published by Le Centre Culturel Arabe (2016)
  • ‘Al Khetab Al Naqdy Wal Torath Wal Ta’weel’ (Critical Discourse; Heritage and Interpretation) by academic Dr. Mohamed Abdul Basset Eid, published by Arab Diffusion Company (2017)
  • ‘Ketabat Al Qatl Fi Al Adab Al Arabi Al Qadeem’ (Writing about Crime in Classical Arabic Literature) by academic Dr. Amna Al Rumaili, published by Zeyneb Edition for Publishing & Distribution (2018)