• Born in Salmya, Syria 1934
  • One of the first who wrote modern poetry, as Al Tafeela and prosepoem. He has a very unique style and outstanding creativity in poems, prose and plays.
  • Many essays and studies were written about his creativities from all over the Arabic world and abroad.


  • Al Nahar Lebanese Newspaper Award for the prose poem, end of 1950
  • Saeed Aqel Award for Theatre 1973
  • The Egyptian Experimental Theatre Medal 2000
  • Celebration Party on his honor in Al Asad Library as the UNESCO newspaper ”The Lumberjack of High Trees” published a book about him.
  • Al Fateh  Meda,l Libya, end of eighties


  • A book in the UNESCO newspaper ”The Lumberjack of High Trees” 2002
  • Eagle of Tears by Khalil Sweleh 2002
  • The Rape of Kana and its sisters (grammar term) by Khalil Sweleh 2002
  • Homeland in Homeland by Luai Adam – Dar Al Mada 2001

Famous Works

1)     Sadness in the Moonlight 1959-1960

2)     A Chamber with Billion Walls 1964

3)     Happiness is not my profession 1970

4)     From the Complete Works – Theatre and Poet – 1973

5)    The Hunch Bird – Play 1964

6)    The Swing – Novel

7)    Out of the Flock – Play 1995

8)    The Flower Slayer 2001

9)    I will Betray my homeland 2001

Works in TV, Cinema and Theatre

  • The Clown, Play 1973
  • Homesick, Play 1974-1975
  • The Arabian Marslyas, Play 1973-1974
  • A Toast for my homeland, Play
  • Out of the Flock, Play
  • The Night Stories, TV
  • Al Musk Valey, TV
  • The Board, Cinema
  • The Report, Cinema

    Died on Monday 3rd April 2006