• Born in Al Basra, 1942
  • Started writing short stories in 1960
  • Published his first story in 1962
  • Represents one of the most important modern experiences in Arabic story writing  in the last four decades of the 20thcentury
  • Member of the Iraq Writers Union

 Decision of the General Secretariat   

The narrative works of Khodair have exceeded the limits of a single rigid literary genre. His short stories were open to various forms of expression that are related to narrative texts, such as poetry, legend, novels, heritage tales; while touching the aesthetic side of fine arts. He used narration in a very condensed way laced with gestures, symbols and connotations while maintaining the unity of the text.

 Famous Works

  • Mummification
  • The New Tale
  • Basrayath
  • The Black Realm
  • 45 Degree C.