• He was born in 1937 in Al Wadi village, Al Saff, Giza Governorate, Egypt

    He graduated from the Faculty of Arabic Language, Al Azhar University in 1964 (Grade: Very Good with second Honors)

    Worked as a political editor at the State Information Service (Ministry of Information) from 1965 to January 1976, when he moved on to be a radio host in the Cultural Program (formerly known as Channel 2)

    Worked as a radio host in Radio Channel 2 (the Cultural Program) since 1976, and became Follow-up Director in 1995

    He was appointed as the Director-General of the Cultural Program in 1995

    He was promoted to the position of Deputy Minister in 1999. He later became Vice-Chairman of the Cultural Radio Network

    He was appointed as Vice-Chairman of the Egyptian Radio in March 2001

    Member of the Poetry Committee of the Supreme Council of Culture since 1980

    Founding member of the Writers’ Union of Egypt

    Member of the Central Commission for Lyrical Texts, at the Egyptian Radio and Television Union. Member of the Egyptian branch of Pen International

     Honorary Fellow in Writing, University of Iowa, the United States (1980)

    His poetry has been translated into many languages, including: English, French, Russian, Spanish, Macedonian, Dutch, Greek, Punjabi, Italian and German

    Important Publications:

    “Qalbi wa Ghazelat Al Thawb Al Azraq” (My Heart and the Weaver of the Blue Dress)

    “Hadeeqat Al Shitaa” (Winter Garden)

    “Al Sirakh Fil Aabaar Al Qadeema” (Yelling into Old Wells)

    “Ajras Al Masaa” (Evening Bells)

    “Ta’amulat fil Mudun Al Hajariya” (Reflections on Stone Cities)

    “Al Bahru Maw’iduna” (At the Sea we will meet)

    “Maraya Al Nahar Al Ba’eed” (Mirrors of the Distant Morning)

    “Ramad Al As’ila Al Khadraa” (Ashes of Green Questions)

    “Raqasat Neeliya” (Nile Dances)

    “Ward Al Fusool Al Akheera” (Flowers of the Final Seasons)

    “Aghani Al Maa” (Water Songs)

    “Hamzat Al Arab” (Hamza of Arabia) , poetic drama

     “Hisar Al Qal’a ” (The Siege of the Castle), poetic drama

    Prose Works and Studies:

     “Falsafat Al Mathal Al Sha’bi” (The Philosophy of Folk Proverbs)

    “Dirasat Fil Shi’r Al Arabi” (Studies in Arabic Poetry)

    “Aswat wa Asdaa” (Voices and Echoes)

    “Qasa’ed la Tamout” (Undying Poems)

    “Tajareb Naqdeyya wa Qadaya Adabiyya” (Critical Experiences and Literary Issues)

    “Ta’amulat Naqdeyya Fil Hadeeqa Al She’reyya” (Critical Reflections on the Poetic Garden) 

     “Rabee’ Al Kalimat” (Spring of Words)

    “Aafaq Shi’riya” (Poetic Horizons)

    “Wamadat Min Al Qadeem Wal Jadeed” (Flashes of the Old and the New)

    Mobile number: 002 0100 1495715