Born in 1948 in the city of Fes, Morocco

At two months of age, he was separated from his parents and was raised by his grandfather who worked as a tailor.

The place where his grandfather lived witnessed the gatherings of patriots who fought against French canonicalization in Morocco.

He grew up watching scenes from the resistance, and reading the newspapers of the National Movement. His grandfather registered him in Al Amiriya School, one of the free education schools founded by the National Movement.

He later moved to Al Qarawiyyin, where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in 1967, before joining the Faculty of Arts to pursue his interest in modern literature, which he had been introduced in high school. During this period, he began publishing his short stories in newspapers (1966)

 He obtained a Ph.D. degree in Modern Literature

 He works as a Professor of Higher Education at the Higher College of Teachers in Tetouan

He is member of a number of associations and cultural bodies

Some of his short story collections have been translated into French, English, Spanish, German and Slovenian. His novel, “Magharat” (Grottos) was translated into French

His novel, “Ayam Al Ramad” (Days of Ashes) has been selected=”true” as one of the best 105 Arab novels published in the 20th century

Important Publications:

 “Awsal Al Shajar Al Maqto’a” (The Severed Limbs of Trees), short story collection

“Al Nidaa’ Bil Asma” (Calling by Name), short story collection

 “Abraj Al Madina” (Towers of the City), novel

 “Raheel Al Bahr” (Departure of the Sea), novel

“Fawq Al Quboor, Taht Al Qamar” (Over the Tombs, Under the Moon), novel

“Ayuha Al Ra’ee” (O Seer), novel

“Magharat” (Grottos), novel

“Ayyam Al Ramad” (Days of Ashes), novel

 “Al Maba’a” (The Dwelling Place)

Dr. Mohammed Azeddine Tazi Tel: 00212 62273664