• Born in Barwa, Palestine, 1941
  • Nationality: Palestinian
  • Lived in Palestine till 1970 and was one of the most important poets of the resistance
  • Left Palestine in 1970 to live in Cairo, Beirut, Tunisia, Paris and Amman where he was a great representative of his people and their cause before returning to Ram Allah 
  • Was manager of the PLO’s Research Centre, Chairman of Palestine Writers Union, Editor-in-Chief of Palestinian Affairs and member of PLO’s central Committee
  • His works have been studied  by large number of writers, researchers and post-graduate students.
  • Won a lot of awards and recognitions from governments and organizations all over the world
  • His poems were translated into most spoken languages of the world

Decision of the General Secretariat   

Darwish represents the genuine picture of poetry in our society. He is the poet of human resistance in general, and the live pulse of the Palestinian resistance. The Board of Trustees believes that Darwish’s experience is not merely limited to struggle, despite his great works in that field. He restored the beauty of the word and liberated it from the effects of repetition, enriched the modern poetic movement with sweet music and profound depth of his poems.

Famous Works


  • Olive Leaves
  • A Palestinian Lover
  • The Early Hours
  • Birds Are Dying in Galilee
  • My Sweetheart Is Waking Up
  • To Love You or Not
  • Trial no. 7
  • Weddings
  • Praising the High Shadow
  • A Siege of the Sea’s Praises
  • A Fewer Roses
  • It’s a Song, It’s a Song
  • I See What I Want
  • Eleven Planets
  • Why Did You leave the Horse Alone?
  • The Graffiti
  • State of Siege
  • Don’t Apologize for What You Have Done
  • The Bed of The Strange Woman


  • Something about Home
  • Diaries of Ordinary Sorrows
  • Adieu War, Adieu Peace
  • The Memory of Oblivion
  • In Describing Our Situation
  • The Letters (with Sameeh Qassim)
  • Passers-by with Passing Talk