• Born in Nablus, 1917.
  • Showed native inclination toward poetry since childhood.
  • In the late 1940s, she gave up the traditional structure and monotonous rhythm in favour of a modern poetic line. She followed this modern line for the rest of her life.
  • Following the death of her father in 1948, she developed a moderate interest in politics and began a new episode of patriotic poetry and managed to free herself from the shackles of extreme conservatism.

Decision of the General Secretariat

Poetess Fadwa Touqan is awarded the poetry awards, as her poems have explored different avenues of Arabic poetry from the 1930s until today. Her poems were hospitable to the renwalist movement of Arabic poetry. Touqan’s poetry was open to novelty, experimentalism and development. She managed to increasingly mix the subjective existence with national cause. This is clear in two of her collections The Night and Cavalrymen and Alone at the Top of the World. For half a century, Fadwa revealed aspects of beauty in our language, and her ability to paint feelings, psychology and national wishes.

Famous Works

  • Alone with Days
  • I’ve Found It
  • Give Us Love
  • Against the Closed Door
  • The Night and Cavalrymen
  • Alone on the Top of the World
  • A Mountain Journey… Tough Journey
  • Died on December 12,2003