• Born in Hilla, Iraq, 1922, where he graduated from high school.
  • In 1945, he attained his BA in Education from Dar Al Mualimin Al Aaliya, and also obtained a BA from the Faculty of Arts in 1948.
  • He received his PhD degree from Sorbonne University in 1954.
  • He worked as a high school teacher in Hilla between 1945 and 1947.

Decision of the General Secretariat : 

Ali Jawad Al Taher is distinguished by academic literary studies, which show meticulous and careful judgment and pay keen attention to details in favor of a comprehensive and coherent structure. He equally excelled in the fields of heritage studies and in contemporary literary studies, as evident in his book ‘Muqaddima fil Naqd Al Adabi’ (An Introduction to Literary Criticism) and ‘Dirasa An AlShi’r Al Hur Wal Turath’ (A Study of Free Verse and Heritage). In the aforementioned books, he abides by the scientific approach, which he believes is integral to conveying knowledge.

Famous Works : 

  • ‘Al Shi’r Al Arabi fil Iraq wa Bilad Al Ajam fil Asr Al Suljouqi’ (Arabic Poetry in Iraq and Persia in Seljuk Era), 1958.
  • ‘Al Ibn wa Saba’ Qisas Ukhra’ (The Son and Seven Other Stories), 1960.
  • ‘Al Taghra’i’, 1963.
  • ‘Fil Qasas Al Iraqi Al Mu’aser’ (On Contemporary Iraqi Fiction), 1967.
  • ‘Tadrees Allugha Al Arabiyya’ (Teaching Arabic), 1969.
  • ‘Mahmoud Ahmad Al Sayyed’, 1969.
  • ‘Mulahathat Ala Al Mawsu’a Al Alrabiya Al Muyasara’ (Observations on the Simplified Arabic Encyclopedia), 1984.
  • ‘Manhaj Al Bahth Al Adabi’ (Methodology of Literary Research), 1970.
  • ‘Diwan Al Jawahiri’(The Collected Poems of Al Jawahiri), compiled in collaboration with Ibrahim Al Sameraey, Mahdi Al Makhzoumi and Rashid Baktash), 1973.
  • ‘Wara’ Al Ufuq Al Adabi’ (Beyond the Literary Horizon: Collected Articles), 1977.
  • ‘Mu’jam Al Matbou’at Al Arabiyya’ (Encyclopedia of Arabic Publications), 1977.
  • ‘Min Hadeeth Al Qissa Wal Masrahiyya’ (Modern Stories and Plays), 1987.

He passed away on October 13, 1993.