• Lebanese, born in Haifa 1928
  • Master from the American University in Beirut (AUB) 1952
  • PhD in Physics from Cirakiuz University – USA 1956
  • Professor and Head of Physics Department – AUB 1956 – 1976
  • Established the Royal Scientific Association in Amman 1969 and appointed as its first Director 1969 – 1970
  • President for the previous Arabian Physics Association and organized first conference for the migrated Arabian Brains, held in Bloudan – Syrian 1970
  • Established with group of his colleagues the Arabian Establishment for Development and Projects 1973 (the first non-profit Arabian consulting establishment) and appointed as its first director. He adopted the idea of establishing a bank for the Arabian brains)
  • He was elected as the first President for the Arabian Physics Association 1975
  • Visitor Professor in Stanford Universities in USA, UK and Canada.
  • Has been an International Consultant for the science politic affairs, future studies and constructing establishment since 1977
  • Member of the Consulting Committee of the United Nations, for the purpose of using science and technology in development. He was assigned to execute several scientific and technical projects for several regional and international organizations.
  • His books in Arabic and English covered the fields of science, technology, human force and education.   
  • Wrote several essays and researches in the regular general and specialized scientific publications in the Arabian region, Europe and America.
  • Member of several editorial boards for scientific establishments, such as Minerva – Sweden.
  • Establisher and member of the Finance Board for Palestinian Students
  • The Centre of the Arabian Unity studies


  1. The Technological Dimension of the Arabian Unity
  2. The Industry of the Arabian Construction
  3. Science and the Science Politic in the Arabian Region
  4. Rebuilding Palestine
  5. The Arabs and Science and Culture
  6. Science and Technology in the Arabian Israeli Fight