• Born in Damanhoor, Egypt, 1938
  • BA in English literature, 1959
  • MA in English and Comparative Literature, Colombia University, 1964
  • PhD in English and Comparative Literature, Rutgers University, 1969

Professional Career

  • Head of Zionist Thought Unit at Al Ahram’s Strategic and Political Studies Centre 1970-1975
  • Cultural Adviser of the Arab league’s Permanent Delegation to the UN, New York, 1975-1979
  • Professor of English and Comparative Literature: Ain Shams University 1979-1983, King Saud University 1983-1988, Kuwait University 1988-1989
  • Part-Time Professor, Ain Shams University 1989
  • Academic Adviser of International Institute of Islamic Thought, Washington, 1992
  • Member of Trustees Board, Islamic and Social Sciences University, Leesburg, Virginia 1993

 Decision of the General Secretariat   

Although he is specialised in comparative literature, his writings deal with ideological and cultural aspects that controlled the Arab arena in the past quarter century. He is one of the few Arab scientists who gave all his time and effort to study the Jewish issue, Zionist ideology, the cause of western modernism as well as secularism.

Al Maseeri’s style is distinguished because his language is simple which can be understood by all. He also established a new school for the study of Zionism and Jewish colonialism. His vision of the west does not call its rejection, but rather for adopting an innovative way of life based on Arab Islamic civilisation.

 Famous Works

  • The End of History, 1972
  • Zionist Terms Encyclopaedia
  • Zionist Racism
  • Zionist Judaism and Israel
  • Anthology of English Romantic Poetry
  • The Earthly Paradise
  • Zionist Ideology
  • The West and World (translation)
  • Intifada and Zionist Crisis  
  • Zionist Colonialism and Normalisation of Jewish Identity
  • Jewish Migration from the Soviet Union
  • The Princess and the Poet
  • The World’s Secret Groups
  • The Bias Problem
  • The Secrets of Jewish Mind
  • Zionism, Nazism and the End of History, a New Vision for Civilisation
  • Who is the Jewish?
  • Zionism from Balfour and Hertzil to Barak and Netanyahu 
  • Zionism Crisis
  • The Hidden Hand, Studies of the Secret Jewish Movements
  • Encyclopaedia of Judaism and Zionist Judaism, 8 vols.
  • The Thought of Enlightenment and its Contradictions

Died in Cairo on Thursday, 3 July 2008