History :
“Al Khaleej” newspaper was launched in 1970 by the late Taryam Omran Taryam and his brother Abdullah Omran Taryam.

Its mission is to support all national and regional issues, and to defend the truth every where.

  • With the first issue of the newspaper being published on Monday, October 19, 1970, “Al Khaleej” had embarked on a rich journey in the field of journalism that enabled it to leave its mark on this field and promote its mission on a wider scale.


 “Al Khaleej” embodies the mission of its founders, which revolves around promoting unity in the Arabian Gulf and strengthening the sense of belonging to the Arab world. Moreover, the newspaper aims to establish the Arab and Islamic cultural identity, and to constantly underline Arab cultural individualism, in addition to offering ideas for development, enlightenment, knowledge and public freedom.

Daily Publications

Since it was first launched, “Al Khaleej” has been keen on being a model for excellent administrative work in order to always be at the forefront of the journalistic arena.

Over the years, “Al Khaleej” has experienced remarkable development.

Beginning with an 8-page first issue, today the newspaper includes many more pages in its four supplements: “Al Khaleej 1”, “Al Khaleej 2”, “Al Khaleej Al Iqtisadi” (Economic Supplement) and “Al Khaleej Al Riyadi” (Sports Supplement). “The Gulf Today”, an English-language daily newspaper is also published by Dar Al Khaleej Printing and Publishing.

Weekly and Monthly Publications

  • In addition to the daily newspapers, Dar Al Khaleej publishes a number of weekly and monthly publications and supplements.

The weekly supplements include: “Al Osbou’ Al Siyasi” (Political Week), “Istirahat Al Osbou'” (Weekly Break), “Qadaya wa Funoon” (Issues and Arts), “Shabab Al Khaleej” (Al Khaleej Youth), “Al Mulhaq Al Thaqafi” (The Cultural Supplement), “Le Monde Diplomatique” and “Al Din lil Hayah” (Religion for Life). On the other hand, the weekly publications include: “Kul Al Usra” (All the Family) magazine, “Al Shurooq” (Sunrise) magazine, “Al Sehha Wal Tib” (Health and Medicine) supplement and “Panorama” magazine, which is affiliated with “The Gulf Today”.

Moreover, monthly publications by Dar Al Khaleej include: “Al Iqtisadi” (The Economist) magazine, “Al Athkiyaa” (The Intelligent Ones) magazine, as well as the “Kitab fee Jareeda” (A Book in a Newspaper) supplement and “Al Sa’em” (Fasting) magazine, which is published every year during the Holy month of Ramadan.

 Al Khaleej Studies Centre

  • Al Khaleej Studies Centre was founded by Dar Al Khaleej Printing and Publishing in the mid of 1980, after “Al Khaleej” newspaper was back in print (April, 1980).

 The Centre evolved from a small department for studies to become a specialized unit in 1999.

 In 2004, the unit was further developed to become Al Khaleej Studies Centre.

The Centre specializes in issuing books, researches and reports.

It also organizes specialized scientific, cultural and intellectual symposiums, as well as a conference that is annually held every May.