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Large mural of Sheikh Zayed in Dubai enters Guinness World Records

Amural of Sheikh Zayed that features a mind map of the UAE’s founding father is now in the Guinness World Records.

Developed by the Ministry of Interior’s Innovation Centre, the work is recognised as the largest mental mapping mural in the world. It is displayed at the Police Academy square in Al Sufouh, Dubai.

A mental map, also known as a mind map, is a diagram that plots out a subject’s thought process or vision. The work shows a portrait of the leader with descriptions of his ideas and ambitions for the future of the country, emanating and unfurling towards various directions, with thematic sections linked by colourful lines.

In UAE history, Sheikh Zayed has often been regarded as a visionary, whose goals for the nation enabled it to become what it is today.

“The Guinness committee delivered the certificate to the MoI Undersecretary Major General Khalifa Hareb Al Khaili, last Tuesday evening, at the Police Academy square, where the extraordinary mural stands,” the UAE Ministry of Interior announced on Instagram.

Dubai is no stranger to breaking world records, and its list of achievements range from the inexplicable (“most people in a photo cutout board picture” and “largest police badge”) to the more creative (“largest hand-woven spiral place mat” and “largest flower petal carpet”). Overall, the UAE has 339 records as of late 2019, with Dubai accounting for 225.

The Guinness World Records has six offices worldwide, including one in Dubai that opened in 2013. Representatives from the organisation have said it receives about 50 to 60 attempted world records every week.