He was born in 1955 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy as well as a Master’s degree in Comparative Linguistics and Translation and a Diploma in English for Academic Purposes from the University of London.

He served as Director of Internal Media at the Ministry of Information and Culture in 1977, and Deputy Editor of Al Ittihad newspaper in 1978.

  • He founded “Awraq” cultural magazine and was its Editor-in-Chief of from 1982 to 1995. The magazine had a broad and profound impact on the local and regional cultural scenes.
  • He is currently an Advisor to Dar Al Khaleej  and its Executive Chief Editor.
  • He is Chairman of the Emirates Writers’ Union.
  • He is Assistant Secretary-General of the General Union of Arab Writers, and deputy editor of the “The Arab Writer” magazine, issued by the General Union of Arab Writers.
  • He is Chairman of the National Committee of Ethical Journalism in the UAE.
  • He is Vice Chairman of the Committee for Emiratization and Human Resources Development in the State media sector.
  • He served as General Director of the Sultan Bin Zayed Centre for Culture and Media, and is Editor-in-chief of “Al I’lam wal ‘Asr” (Media and the Era) magazine, which is issued by the Centre. He is also General Supervisor of the UAE Heritage Club and “Torath” (Heritage) monthly magazine, which is also issued by the Centre.
  • He is Head of the Administrative Council of Abu Dhabi Theatre.
  • He is Head of the Poetry Administrative Council in Abu Dhabi and General Supervisor of “Bait Al Shi’r” (House of Poetry” magazine.
  • He is Head of the UAE civil society delegation to the Forum for the Future. He has moderated and participated in the Forum’s various meetings and workshops, which were held in recent years since its inception.
  • He is Board Chairman of the General Conference of the Emirates Writers’ Union.
  • He is a journalist and columnist who has contributed to journalism in the UAE from its early beginnings. His daily column continues, which was first published in February 1978, continues until today. He edited the first page dedicated to promising journalistic talents in the UAE (Al Ittihad newspaper – Pen Club -1978) and established the first cultural supplement in the UAE (Al Fajr Newspaper-1980).

Important Publications:

  • “Usammi Alrada Waladi” (I Call Death “My Son”), poetry collection.
  • “Kasr fil Wazn” (Broken Rhythm), poetry collection
  • “Ghad” (Tomorrow), poetry collection
  • “Wardat Al Kuhoola” (The Flower of Old Age), poetry collection
  • “Qasa’ed Ala Bahr Al Bahr” (Poems following the Rhythm of the Sea), poetry collection
  • “Al Malameh” (Features), poetry collection
  • “Mayari”, poetry collection
  • “Qasa’ed Ela Bairut” (Poems to Beirut), poetry collection
  • “Al Tasreeh Al Akheer Lil Nateq Al Rasmy Bism Nafseh” (The Final Statement by the Official Spokesman for Himself), poetry collection
  • “Huna Bar Bani Abs Al Da’wa Amma” (Here is the Bar of Bani Abs Tribe, Open House), poetry collection
  • “Rasm Bayani Li Asrab Al Zarafat” ( A Graph for Towers of Giraffes), poetry collection
  • Complete Poetical Works – Part One
  • Complete Poetical Works – Part Two

Phone number: 050 6660900