• Place of Birth: Safita, Syria.
  • Recent and current positions:
  • Holder of Chair of Arabic at the University of London (since 1991).
  • Head of Comparative Literature Department at SOAS (1994-1996).
  • 1990 (Fall Semester) Visiting Professor of Arabic, Columbia University, New York.
  • 1991-1992 Tenured Professor (Arabic Literature and Literary Criticism), Columbia University, New York.
  • Graduated with honors from the University of Damascus. He was first in his class during the four years of study to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Arabic Language and Literature.
  • He travelled to the United Kingdom and studied at Cambridge University for a year before pursuing his graduate studies at Oxford University, where he earned his Ph.D. in Arabic Critical Studies and Comparative Literature. During his years of study, he won several awards in open competitions for students from different nationalities in all fields of knowledge.
  • His early researches, which were published in English while he was still a student, attracted the attention of scholars and researchers. His Ph.D. thesis on Abdul Qaher al Jurjani’s Theory of Poetic Imagery gained praise from the Examination Committee and was published to wide acclaim upon the Committee’s recommendation.
  • Throughout his life he has been involved in academic research and teaching. He gained professorship at the age of 35.
  • Whether as a full professor or a visiting professor, he taught at some of the world’s foremost universities, including Oxford University, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of California – Berkeley, Colombia University, the University of London and Princeton University.
  • He served as a Professor at Yarmouk University and Sana’a University. In 1992, he was named Chair of the Department of Arabic Studies at the University of London; becoming the first Arab and first non-Briton to fill this position, which he still holds to date.
  • He gave tens of lectures at universities in Europe, the United States and the Arab world. He also took part in numerous conferences all over the world.
  • In addition to his researches he has authored three poetry collections and has published a chapter of a novel that he is currently in the process of completing. His publications include books written in English as well as Arabic.
  • His biography was selected to be featured in a number of encyclopedias on leading intellectuals and famous world thinkers.
  • Some of his researches have been featured on a list of the most important critical studies ever written on world literatures. The list, which is available online, was compiled by an American University and he is the only Arab author included in the list.
  • He contributes to a number of reputable international encyclopedias.
  • His works have been the subject of numerous studies and university theses.
  • Some of his works have been translated into other languages.

Important Publications:

  • Books:
  • “On the Rhythmic Structure of Arabic Poetry: Towards Finding a Viable Alternative to the Prosody of Al Khaleel Ibn Ahmad and an Introduction to Comparative Rhythmics”, published by Dar Al Ilm Lil Malayeen (Beirut, 1974)
  • “The Dialectic of Concealment and Manifestation”, published by Dar Al Ilm Lil Malayeen (Beirut, 1979)
  • “The Quartets of Nitham Al Din Al Asfahani: A Critical Investigation and Detailed Study of the Text”, published by Dar Al Ilm Lil Malayeen (Beirut, 1982)
  • “On Poeticity”, published by the Arab Research Foundation (Beirut, 1986)
  • “Masked Visions”, published by the General Egyptian Book Organization
  • “The Regenerative Structures of Pre-Islamic Poetry”, published by the Ministry of Culture (Baghdad, 1989)
  • “The Aesthetics of Proximity and Intertwinement of Creative Realms””, published by Dar Al Ilm Lil Malayeen (Beirut, 1997)
  • “The Quest for the Self: The Search for Kamal Abu Deeb”, published by Mawaqef Publishing (Beirut, 2000)
  • “The Imagination Unbound: Al Adab Al  Aja’ibi and the Literature of the Fantastic in the Arabic Tradition”, published by Dar Al Saqi and Orx Books (London, Beirut and Oxford, 2006) 

Translations into Arabic:

  • “Orientalism” by Edward Said, published by the Arab Research Foundation (Beirut, 1981)
  • “Culture and Imperialism” by Edward Said, published by Dar Al Aadab (Beirut 1997)

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