• Born in 1951 in Ziqeen Village, Southern Lebanon.
  • Received his early education in the village school and attended a secondary school in Sour, Lebanon.
  • In 1973, he obtained a Proficiency Certificate with honors in Arabic Language and Literature for a critical study titled, “The Poetry of Palestinian Resistance in Contemporary Arabic Criticism).
  • His early poems were published in the early 1970s in many Lebanese and Arab journals and newspapers, such as: “Mawaqef”, “Al-Aadab”, “Al-Safeer” and “Al-Nahar” among others.
  • He participated in numerous Arab poetry conferences, symposiums and festivals including Jerash, “Al Mahaba”, “Al-Jenadriyah”, “Al Emarat”, “Cairo International Book Fair”, “Carthage” and “Rabat” among others.
  • He worked as a teacher from 1974 to 1989 before becoming a Consultant for the Ministry of Information in Lebanon.
  • He was appointed as Head of the Cultural Section in “Al Safeer” newspaper. He is also a regular contributor to many Arab newspapers.
  • Many studies were written about his poetry by critics and researchers.
  • His poems have been translated into a number of languages, including English, French, German and Farsi.
  • He received several awards, including:

– First Prize for Poetry (Lebanese University) in 1972.

– Mohammed Saleh Basharahil Award for Creativity and Culture in 2004.

– Okath Poet Award for 2010.

  • Some of his most famous publications include:

– “Anaaween Saree’a Li Watan Maqtoul” (Quick Addresses for a Murdered Homeland) 1978

– “Al Raheel Ila Shamsi Yathrib” (Departing to Yathrib’s Sun) 1981

– “Ughniyat Hob Ala Nahr Al Litani” (Love Songs at the Litani River) 1985

– “Wardat Al Nadam” (Flower of Regret) 1990

– “Marthiyat Al Ghubar” (Elegy of Dust) 1992

– “Ka’ani Gharibuki Baynal Nisa’” (I Am A Stranger to You Among Women) 1995

– “Qumsan Youssef” (Youssef’s Shirts) 1996

– “Shahwat Mubakkira” (Early Lust) 1998

– “Faradees Al Wahsha” (The Paradises of Estrangement) 1999

–  “Jabal Al Barouk” (Mount Barouk) 2002

–  “Sarab Al Mathna” (A Pair’s Mirage) 2003

–  “Sirakh Al Ashjar” (The Screams of Trees) 2007

– “La Shay’ min Kuli Hatha” (Nothing Out of All This) 2008

– “Abwab Khalifa” (Khalifa’s Doors) 2005 – prose

– “Hijrat Al Kalimat” ( The Migration of Words) 2009 – prose

– “Farashat Libtisamat Butha” (Butterflies for Buddha’s Smile” 2014

– “Ela Ayna Ta’khuthuni Ayyuhal Shi’r” (O’ Poetry, Where Do You Take Me?) 2015


Contact number: 03-371095