• Born in Mait Al Khouli village, Dumiat, Egypt, 1905
  • Spent a part of his childhood in Khartoum with his family
  • Did his BA in literature and education from Higher Education School in 1930
  • Worked in education until 1943
  • Worked in the Ministry of Education’s  Public Culture Department, 1943-1944
  • Did his PhD in philosophy in 1944
  • Joined the faculty of Literature College, Cairo University
  • Became visiting lecturer at Colombia University, USA, 1952
  • Worked as cultural attaché at the Egyptian Embassy to Washington, 1954-1955
  • Launched Al Fikr Al Mouaser magazine in 1965
  • Received an Honorary Doctorate from American University of Beirut, 1985


  • State Merit Award of Philosophy, 1960
  • State Recognition Award of Literature, 1975
  • Arab League’s Culture Award, 1984
  • Decision of the General Secretariat

Dr. Zaki Nageeb Mahmood is among the few Arab writers who discussed philosophy and made it a part of their culture.

Students of philosophy refer to his books. He has been writing since 1970. He has enriched the Arabic library with a great range of books that deal with Arabic culture and the understanding of heritage.

He is well known in the Arab world. He grew famous through half a century of effort. He has always had the courage to say what he thinks is right, and defend it.

Famous Works


  • The Earthly Logic, 2 vol.
  • An Attitude to Metaphysics
  • The Thought in the New World
  • Bertrand Russell
  • David Hume
  • The Artistic Orient
  • Jabir Bin Hayan
  • Towards a Scientific Philosophy

Thought and Culture

  • Peels and Cores
  • Renewal of the Arab Thought
  • The Illogical Reason in Our Intellectual Heritage
  • Our Culture and Modern Time
  • A New Society or the Catastrophe
  • An Islamic Vision
  • Modernising Arab Culture


  • Hinna the Idiot
  • Sunrise from the West
  • The Earthly Comedy
  • A Soul Tale
  • The Land of Dreams

Died on September 8, 1993