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Young Arabic Learners conquer knotty grammar rules with Lughati’s tricks

‘Lughati’, the Sharjah-based initiative dedicated to supporting Arabic learning the smart way in the government schools, organised an interactive training workshop on “the “pronounced “L” (lunar) and unpronounced “L” (solar)”, at Sharjah Ladies Club (SLC)’s Collage Talent Centre, with an aim to inspire a love of Arabic Language among young summer campers at the club.

The workshop conducted by Coach Haya Al Qassem is part of a series of training workshops organised by “Lughati” at summer camps hosted by some of its strategic partners. It was an instant hit with children, who loved the interactive techniques, including stories on the solar system and more presented on the Horouf smart application.
During the workshop, participants learnt more about the difference between the “lunar L” (written and pronounced “L”) and the “solar L” (written but remains silent during pronunciation), supported by a list of example words representing both varieties. Children also enjoyed playing “the Lunar L and the Solar L” game on their Lughati tablets, which is a unique tool that makes learning Arabic easy and more accessible.
Badria Al Ali, Manager of Lughati said: “Lughati is committed to bringing its expertise wherever children are in Sharjah and other emirates, and summer camps are of course a hub of young activity. We organise a series of activities and educational workshops for kids from 4-9 years, especially targeting those students who are in private schools in Sharjah or the other emirates, as Lughati is a permanent feature in government schools in Sharjah, and caters to students from KG to grade five.”
She added: “The workshop used simulation and role-playing to teach children an important pronunciation rule in Arabic which is “the Lunar L and the Solar L”. We were really happy to see the great enthusiasm among our young learners and their love for our mother tongue”.
Under the directives of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council Ruler of Sharjah, the initiative of supporting Arabic language using state-of-the-art technology was launched in 2013, as part of the array of initiatives that aim to promote Arabic and instil its love in children through modern scientific methods.
In January 2016, His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah approved the initiative under its new title ‘Lughati’, which is an educational and scientific response plan to further enhance smart learning.