Winners of Nile Awards for Literature, Arts and Social Science Announced in Egypt

Egypt’s Supreme Council for Culture has announced the winners of the Nile Awards for Literature, Arts and Social Sciences, which is considered the most prestigious award in Egypt in the abovementioned fields. Moreover, winners of the Nile Award for Arab Innovators, which was launched this year for the first time, were also announced. The “Literature Award” went to Critic Salah Fadl, while the “Arts Award” was won by artist Mostafa El Razzaz and the “Social Sciences Award” went to thinker and philosopher Mourad Wahba. Meanwhile, the “Nile Award for Arab Innovators” was won by Syrian artist Yousef Abdalky.


Moreover, the Supreme Council for Culture also announced the winners of the State Appreciation Awards, which included actress Nadia Lotfy and composer Mohamed Sultan (Arts Award), writers Abdel Hakim Rady, Mohamed Qotb and critic Kamal Eddin Eid (Literature Award) and Professor of Psychology Saadiya Bahader, former Dean of the Faculty of Education Shebl Badran, Professor Ahmed Refaat and former Minister of Justice Abdel Aziz El Gendy (Social Sciences Award).