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Departure of Saudi Poet Badr Al Malihi

Saudi Poet Badr Al Malihi has passed away on Wednesday, May 22, 2019 after suffering a heart attack, leaving behind a legacy of lyrical poetry that was performed by a constellation of song artists.

Some of Al Malihi’s famous poems include ‘Fe Aman Allah ya Mosafer, Asa Allah Yasmah Duroobak’ (Farewell Traveller, May Allah Illuminate Your Path), ‘Aash Min Shafak Habibi’ (You Are a Sight for Sore Eyes My Love), which was performed by Rashid Al Majid and tens of other poems that were performed by leading singers such as Rashid Al Majid, Rabih Saqer and Aseel Abu Bakr among others. Singer Rabeh Saqer tweeted the following message on his Twitter account: “Farewell my dear friend Badr Al Malihi, May Allah rest your soul in peace and grant you Jannah’. Moreover, media personality Salah Makharesh tweeted the following message about the late poet: “Before being a poet and a son of a poet Al Malihi was a loyal old friend. He wrote many memorable poems that were landmarks in the singing careers of Rabeh Saqr, Rashed Al Majid, Aseel Abu Bakr and Badr Al Malihi. He has passed away and left us with memories of his kindness and his poetry”.