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Departure of Syrian Thinker Al Tayyeb Tizini

Syrian Thinker Al Tayyeb Tizini has passed away in Homs city in Syria on Friday, May 17, 2019. Tizini is considered one of the advocates of Marxist nationalist thought, and in his philosophical work he employs historical dilemmas to reread Arab thought from the pre-Islamic era until now.

The late thinker was born in 1934 in Homs, Syria, where he attended school before moving to Turkey after completing his undergraduate studies. He later moved to the UK before moving to Germany, where he obtained a PhD in Philosophy in 1967 and a PhD in Philosophical Sciences in 1973. He worked as a Professor of Philosophy at Damascus University.

In 1998, Tizini was named as one of the 100 most influential philosophers in the world by Concordia Philosophical Foundation. He authored tens of publications that have enriched the Arab library, as well as numerous studies and articles that were published in various Arab journals. Some of his most prominent works include: “ Mashrou’ Ru’ya Jadeeda Lil Fikr Al Arabi Fil Asr Al Waseet” (A New Vision for Arabic Thought in the Intermediate Era), “Hawla Mushkilat Al Thawra wal Thaqafa Fil Aalam Al Thalith, Al Watan Al Arabi Namoothajan’ (On the Problems of Revolution and Culture in the Third World, the Arab World as a Model), ‘ Min Al Torath Ila Al Thawra: Nathariyya Muqtraha fil Torath Al Arabi’ (From Heritage to Revolution: Suggested Theory of Arab Heritage), ‘Feema Bayn Al Falsafa Wal Torath’ (Between Philosophy and Heritage), ‘Dirasat fil Fikr Al Falsafi fil Sharq Al Qadeem’ (Studies on Philosophical Thoughts in the Old Orient), ‘Al Nas Al Qu’rani Amam Ishkaliyyat Al Benia Wal Qira’a’ (The Quranic Text and the Question of Structure and Reading), ‘Min Tholathiyyat Al Fasad Ela Qadaya Al Mujtama’ Al Madani’ (From the Trilogy of Corruption to the Issues of Civil Society) and ‘Bayan fil Nahda wal Tanweer Al Arabi’ (A Manifesto on Arab Enlightenment and Renaissance’.