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Actor Mahmoud El Gendy passes away aged 74

Renowned actor، Mahmoud El Gendy has passed away at the age of 74 at a hospital in 6th of October City.

The late actor’s family has decided to hold his funeral Thursday afternoon at El Shiekh Abd-Elhakm Mosque، in his homeland، Beheira Governorate، specifically in Abu El Matamir City.

El Gendy was suffering from a health crisis which led to his hospitalization، where he continued to receive for about 10 days until his death.

A large number of celebrities and fans took to social media to express their condolences and mourn the late actor.

Details regarding the consolation marquee have not been revealed yet.

Mahmoud El Gendy (1945-2019)
Mahmoud Hussein El Gendy was an Egyptian actor. He was born on February 24، 1945، in Abu El Matamir city، Beheira Governorate.

Mahmoud was enrolled in a vocational school where he trained as a tailor. After graduating، he worked at a factory.

He was admitted thereafter to the Institute of Cinema and graduated in 1967.

He worked following his graduation in cinematic، television and theatrical productions.

He co-starred in several plays including “Antarah”، “Mawloud Al Malik Maarouf”، “Shakespeare fee Al Ataba”، “Alashan Khatir Eyounik”، “Al Maleem bi Arbaa”، “Bahebak ya Mojrim”، “Al Brenseesa”، “Innaha Haqan Aaila Mohtarama”، “Al Rouaab Al Laziz”.

Mahmoud directed the film “Al Morshid” in 2003، following an accident that took the life of his lover، co-starring his ex-wife، actress، Abla Kamel.

El Gendy succeeded in bringing together music and comedy in his film.