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Emirati Actor and Director Hamid Sambeij Dies Aged 55

Emirati actor and director Hamid Sambeij has passed away on Saturday, March 9, 2019, leaving behind a long acting career in theatre and TV. He was 55.

The late Sambeij was born on April 13, 1963. He had a BA in Theatrical Arts, with a major in directing and acting, and had studied both in Egypt and Kuwait. He made his theatrical debut in 1981, in the play “ Allah Yekoon Fil Awn” (May God Help You).

He was a member of several judging committees for theatrical competitions, and was a member of the selection committee for the Sharjah Theatre Days in 2003. He also had an experience with school theatre, which lasted for 8 years.

Some of his most famous TV roles in are: ‘Al Harb Al Aa’iliyya Al Oula’ (Family War I), ‘Dima wa Halima’ (Dima wa Halima), ‘Reeh Al Shamal’ (North Wind), ‘Hayir Tayer’ (Clueless and Flying), ‘Bint Al Shmar’ and ‘Safinat Al Ahlam’ (Dream Boat).

On the other hand, his most famous plays are: ‘Allah yekoon Fil Awn’ (May God Help You), ‘Al Sheikh Wal Tareeq’ (The Sheikh and the Road), ‘Ma’sat Ba’I Al Dibs’ (The Tragedy of the Dibs Merchant), ‘Al Qandeel Al Sagheer’ (The Small Lantern), ‘Robin Hood’, ‘Ra’s Al Mamluk Jaber’ (The Head of Jaber, the Memluk), ‘Jamila’, ‘Qabr Al Mouli’ (The Grave of the Mouli), ‘Ghab Al Qit’ (When the Cat Goes Away), ‘Awdat Houlako’ (The Return of Holako), ‘Al Waqi’ Soura Tibq Al Asl’ (Identical Copy), ‘Makan li Ahmad Bint Sulaiman’, ‘Hikayat Min Aziqqat Al Aalam Al Thaleth’ (Tales from Third World Alleys), ‘La Taqsus Ru’yak’ and (Do Not Tell Your Dream to Anyone). Sambeij also took part in the radio drama ‘Rihlat Al Intiqam’ (Journey of Revenge).