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Online photography exhibition ‘View from my window’ to launch in the UAE this month

With the coronavirus keeping us homebound for a long period of time, scores of people around the world have found creative ways to find inspiration in a bleak scenario.

With our windows being the only channel to view the world on the outside, many individuals have taken to photography to capture the scenes outside their homes.

Stemming from this idea, UAE’s leading online channel Selfie TV and W2W events & PR have conceptualised an online photography exhibition titled “View from my window.” 


The display includes images submitted by 66 photographers from around the world.

The countries represented in the online show include Australia, Canada, India, Pakistan, Sudan, Singapore and UAE.

The photographs are weaved together in a 4 minute 30 second video format with original poetry added to make the experience more engaging for the viewers.


Elaborating on the initiative, Sahar Mahmood, founder of Selfie TV stated, “The concept of sharing views from people’s windows came amidst the global lockdown of many countries where everyone was limited to the views from their windows and people found creative ways to find inspiration.

“We were pleasantly surprised to receive images from around the world and are so happy to share them on our online channel for everyone to view!”

The video will be posted on Saturday, June 27 on and on the YouTube channel Selfie Tv.