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‘1001 Titles’ expands literary offerings for Arab readers

 a cultural initiative by the Sharjah-based Knowledge without Borders (KwB), has announced the release of 5 new books for Arab readers including novels, short story collections, critical studies and translated literary works.

Launched in 2016, the AED 5 million initiative saw the production of 1,001 1st-edition Emirati titles within the first 2 years. Now in its second phase, 1001 Titles is focusing on expanding its range of titles while also offering guidance to writers and publishers in creative content and design, and helping local publishers navigate the challenges of the global publishing market.

Quality books

The latest publications introduced by 1001 Titles include 10 Things You Might Not Know about Nearly Everything by Mark Jacob and Stephan Benzkofer, translated by Four Corners Group and published by Dar Molhimon Publishing and Distribution; Smart Technology and the Globalization of Literature by Dr. Ibrahim Ahmed Melhem, published by Nabati Publishing; Back To the Future, a novel by author Muhammad Al Qubaisi published Landmarks for printing & publishing and distribution; Margaret Atwood’s Man Booker Prize winner The Blind Assassin, translated by Iman Asaad and published by Rewayat, a subsidiary of Kalimat Group; and The Seller of Used Books, a novel by Olegovich Malikov, translated by Ayyad Eid and published by Hamaleel Media Foundation.

10 Things You Might Not Know about Nearly Everything

Lovers of trivia will enjoy this well-researched book that compiles fascinating historical, scientific and cultural facts on universal topics including arts and culture, food and leisure, history, politics, science and technology, sports, holidays and religion, lifestyle, language, and more.

Spread over 491 pages, the book is an entertaining collection of surprising facts and tidbits that will interest all types of readers, from history buffs and sports enthusiasts to food lovers. From spelling errors and overeating to serious topics such as the Second World War, this book will leave readers curious to learn more about the world around them.

The Blind Assassin

Winner of Man Booker Prize in 2000 and on the Time Magazine’s list of the top 100 Novels of the 20th century, Margaret Atwood’s The Blind Assassin weaves together strands of suspense and romance into a fascinating and violent narrative. The novel begins with the mysterious death of a young woman named Laura Chase in 1945. Years later, Laura’s sister Iris recounts her memories of their childhood, and of the dramatic deaths that have punctuated their wealthy, eccentric family’s history. By turns lyrical, outrageous, compelling and funny, The Blind Assassin is both humorous and darkly dramatic.

Smart Technology and the Globalization of Literature

A treatise on creative literature, comparing traditional works with new creative works written using smart technology in the era of globalisation, Smart Technology and the Globalization of Literature is targeted at critics, scholars and those involved in digital creativity.

The 196-page book begins with a general introduction to the transformation brought about by globalisation culturally and socially. For easy reference, it is divided into three sections: “Contemporary Media in Poetry”, “Contemporary Media in Prose”, and “Contemporary Media in Literature”.

Back to the Future

Back to the Future, a science fiction novel by Muhammad Al Qubaisi, takes place at a time in the future when time stops moving forward and instead, runs backward as if it has remembered something from the past and is going back in search of it. Due to an electronic storm, the Earth has gone back in time but as life is shorn of all the trappings of modern gadgets, humans long to return to tomorrow. The story takes place in 2150 AD, 50 years after the storm.

The Seller of Used Books

The title story of Olegovich Malikov’s collection of Russian short stories, translated by Ayyad Eid, takes place on a rainy day in autumn, when people seek shelter under roofs of kiosks and outside shops. The protagonist André stands inside his bookstore selling used books, watching the world around him with inexplicable happiness. It is cold, but he does not want to close the door. For him, it is a gate that separates 2 different worlds – the stark and boring world outside that contrasts with the charming and fascinating world of books inside his small shop.

The book contains 11 stories including The Book Seller, The Family Home, The Telescope, The Batch of Prisoners, The Bag of Santa Claus, We Must Live, and Fifty-six below Zero, among others. The stories were 1st published in various newspapers in Russia.