You are currently viewing “My Story” presents the stages of the life of Mohammed bin Rashid over the course of 50 episodes – thought and art – east and west

“My Story” presents the stages of the life of Mohammed bin Rashid over the course of 50 episodes – thought and art – east and west

The first episodes of the drama documentary “My Story”, which is inspired by the book “My Story .. 50 Stories in Fifty Years” by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the State and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, “may God bless him”, will have record views on TV. Dubai with its multiple channels and platforms, which reflects the magnitude of the production of this work, and the size of the efforts made by the work team, coordination and cooperation at the highest level among several parties, in which everyone demonstrated the dedication and spirit of one team, to accomplish this valuable documentary through a series of episodes that carry and embody various stories. On the stages, challenges, events and memories of the modern life and march of the Dubai builder, in cooperation with the Executive Office of His Highness.

“My Story” episodes are broadcast on Dubai TV every Sunday evening: 21:00 Emirates time, 17:00 GMT, and are repeated several times a day throughout the week at multiple times on Sama Dubai TV, Dubai One, and via the platform. “Digital Time”, while viewers can interact with the daily episodes via the tagging (# my story), and through the accounts of Dubai Media and Dubai Television on social media, and the account of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum on the YouTube platform, and others.

This documentary dramatic work, the first of its kind in the country, shows the various stages of the life of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum over the course of 50 episodes that narrate the journey of His Highness in detail. . The documentary is taken from his book, “My Story .. 50 Stories in Fifty Years,” which His Highness described when he was published in February 2019 as an “incomplete CV.”

Months of hard work

Before the launch of the production of this valuable documentary, the work was prepared for several months, during which the various historical periods to which the book “My Story .. 50 Stories in Fifty Years” was examined, as well as a preview and selection of photography locations expressing the environment and atmosphere of Dubai in the past, were examined. Some sites were built as a decoration for photography to simulate the historical periods of work, in addition to designing clothes and choosing the appropriate actors in terms of form and performance to embody the roles of real personalities mentioned in the events of the book.

A team of 100 creative people

A valuable team of about 100 people participated in the valuable documentary program, twenty of the main representatives and the rest from the groups, the production team, photography, decoration, music, etc., and the time spent in planning and preparing the production of the work exceeded nine months in addition to thirty days of photography in different locations, through the use of assistance With the latest in contemporary cinematic technology, in 4K quality, and using the Anamorfik lenses for shooting historical scenes.

This massive documentary, dramatic work was produced by the Executive Office of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, while the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority “Dubai Culture” assumed full supervision of the pre-production stages and verified the accuracy of all the details before starting to photograph this huge artwork, While Dubai Media Incorporated through its various TV channels and digital platforms broadcasts the documentary series.

Role integration

For her part, Hala Badri, Director General of the Culture and Arts Authority in Dubai, “Dubai Culture” said: The Culture and Arts Authority in Dubai was honored to contribute to the accomplishment of this high-level artwork, which embodies the tender march of the builder of modern Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Deputy The President of the State, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai “may God bless him”, by fully supervising the pre-production stages and verifying the accuracy of all details before starting filming, as the authority is the main accredited reference for all historical and heritage requirements for this huge artwork in the pre-production stages , As well as facilitating the filming of work in the Authority’s heritage sites.

She added that cooperation, coordination and work in the spirit of one team among the various parties to implement the documentary program “My Story” in the best way affirms the importance of integrating the roles between the various sectors to highlight the biographies that inspire the leaders and founders of the state and keep it alive in the memory of generations, and document the achievements of the state and its development through an attractive visual cultural content that takes into account The highest levels of accuracy and reliability.

She referred to this historical documentary work inspired by the book “My Story .. 50 Stories in Fifty Years” by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who is a fun narration that celebrates the story of building Dubai and the Emirates, integrates politics, economics, philosophy, culture, knowledge, history, poetry, equestrian, love and ambition In an integrated work that feeds the various interests and preferences of the audience.

Dramatic, innovative style

In turn, Ahmed Saeed Al Mansoori, Executive Director of the Radio and TV Sector at Dubai Media Corporation, said that the launch of the episodes of the new documentary program “My Story”, which witnessed the tireless efforts of the work team for months, through the Dubai TV screens with its multiple channels is considered as a new television look in a style An innovative drama that mimics what a character whose name was carved in letters in the pages of history and humanity presented in the size of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the State and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, “God bless him”, in his book, which is considered a biography of an exceptional leader of a historical nature As a humanist, His Highness shared millions of readers in the Emirates and in the Arab world and the world with lights and stations from the journey of fifty years of his life, work and responsibilities.

Al-Mansouri added: “We are always inspired by our steps, plans of action and future media strategies, from His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s insightful and enlightened idea, to provide distinguished television and radio media services and materials that contribute to highlighting the true image of the level of the Emirati media, and what media organizations have reached in The state in terms of form and content, motivates us to that passion and the real desire to translate the methodology of creativity used, which will remain a milestone, distinguishing Dubai TV screens with its multiple channels, in line with the strategy of the Dubai government, and based on the directives and support of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of Dubai Media Council, in applying the highest international standards in all fields, on high standards of quality and excellence.

High-level cooperation and coordination

The production of the work witnessed over extended months cooperation and high-level coordination from the Executive Office of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, “Dubai Culture” and Dubai Media Corporation, in partnership with several other parties, including: the General Command of Dubai Police, and Dubai International Ports (port) Jebel Ali and Port Rashid), Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Dubai Municipality, Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center, Roads and Transport Authority (Dubai Metro, Dubai Taxi and Water Taxi), Dubai Health Authority (Rashid Hospital), Meraas Holding (La Mer) and Emirates Company Aluminum International, Dubai Ambulance Service Corporation, Emaar Holding (Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall), and Federal Youth Foundation.

The documentary “My Story” was directed by film director Mohamed Jumaa, and the work was carried out by Eagle Films Production and Distribution by Jamal Senan, producer of Mohamed Wafa outlet, and operations management Bilal Dhayani, while Visioneers acted as the executive supervisor of the work.

Performing product

“Eagle Films” acted as the executive producer, and the company is the chief agent of a group of prestigious award-winning international films, and the company’s Arab production division in its branches spread across the Arab world contributed to the production of the most important Gulf, Egyptian and Arab TV series that are ranked according to the ratings. The company’s productions series has repeatedly won awards for the best Ramadan series, the best production awards and many other awards, as the locations of its multiple production centers throughout the Middle East and North Africa region are equipped with the latest technologies that meet international production standards and the production team was built by using the best skills in Artistic content industry.

First horse

The first episode of “My Story” that aired on Sunday evening (May 31) on Dubai TV, and lasted for about 7 minutes, stopped at the story of “The First Horse”, where His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said, “Do you know what the difference is?” Between first love and first horses? For me, they are two sides of the same coin. ” He added, “I love horses since childhood, and I grew up in an environment that loves horses.” And His Highness continued saying, “One evening, my father said to me, I will organize an open horse race in Dubai, and I want you to participate in it… I was ten years old, my father’s words that day, made me feel With great responsibility, because everyone will compete in the race, ”he added.“ My father used to have a group of horses, so he offered me to choose one of them and train them for the race … I was caught by a beautiful skill but because of a leg injury, no one tried it as a racing horse. ”He added,“ I watched it carefully so I realized that she could participate In the races her name was “Um Throat” … I asked my mother, Sheikha Latifa, to examine the skill, and I noticed her interaction with my mother when she began examining her … She was a “mother throat” who knew that my mother was there to treat her, so she started to know the horse’s intelligence and loyalty.

Through the dramatic scenes of the new documentary program, the audience followed the story of His Highness with the first horse, saying: “This was the most important project in my life. The race was after 4 months, and I had to treat my skill and train it within 3 months, so I continued to prepare her treatment myself and put it on her list daily, Then I started training her to walk gradually, and by the end of the third month her health began to improve. “He added,” I took her to the beach, bathed and bathed her, eating our lunch while I and friends were together there, where her nose dipped in the desert grass and grass, and when it was time to return I was yellowing for her and followed me with pleasure, She was listening when returning to the stables to the extent that she enjoyed the day spent outside, she was standing quietly with a friendly glow in her eyes that fell asleep as I removed sand and salt from her cover and then moved her ear back to pick up any change in the tone of my voice and I make it continuously … she was comfortable Her hind leg and presents the affected leg in front of her as if to remind me of the pain she feels. ”

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum concluded by saying: “I learned from Umm Umm Shaal that goodness when you put it in horses yields greater good, and that achievement does not come on a plate, and that when you love something, continue with it until the end, and when you want achievement I give it All of you, not some of you ”, before the audience listens to following a passage in his highness’s poem from his famous poem“ Al-Adiyat ”, in which he says:“ Love of Ramek runs through my arteries, I love it and love it. From a desert and from a forest that has been cut off, and I am my grandfather / it is like my poetry and the proverb of my thinking is free and nothing equals her / I gave it to me over my life and the rest of the age I give it. ”

Tests, challenges and crossroads

It is noteworthy that the book “My Story .. 50 Stories in Fifty Years”, which was issued in January last year, includes 50 stories that constitute chapters and stations, in which His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum covers multiple stages of his rich life journey and his journey of achievements, recovering from During which memories, experiences and attitudes congregate with pictures, sensations, ideas and rich experiences that have contributed in their entirety to drawing milestones of his personality, thought and vision, starting from his highness from his first life in Dubai, which was growing and developing in front of him day after day, interacting with the environment around him as a boy who makes his way towards knowing the world and life through experience And learning, insight and reflection, so that these experiences constitute building blocks in the personality of the leader who will be on him, and the statesman who finds himself in the future in front of tests, challenges and crossroads that call for decisive decisions, in which the interest of the country and the people is dominated over any other interest.

Build self and build the state

It interferes in the book, which is a personal journey of interest for the year, in which the chapters of self-building intersect with state-building, since he was assigned to his Highness the first “job” in the service of his homeland, when he took over the leadership of the police and public security in Dubai in 1968, and until he took the position of vice president The UAE and the ruler of Dubai in 2006; Through establishing the Dubai Defense Force, as one of the nuclei and pillars of the unified army of the next Union State, which was in labor, and then His Highness assumed the position of Minister of Defense in the first ministerial formation of the United Arab Emirates on the eve of its establishment in December 1971, to be the youngest defense minister in the world And to work to unify the armed forces within five years of the establishment of the UAE, before His Highness led the rapid development march in Dubai, crown prince and then ruler, so that Dubai, thanks to his previous vision, transformed into a cosmopolitan present that represents a model for progress, achievement, and absolute bias for innovation and embodiment of human hope and insist on human Working and building in a region that was exposed to all forms of violence, wars and destruction, in parallel with the overall renaissance witnessed by the UAE as a whole and in integration with it.