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FUNN continues its creative virtual workshops

From specialised photography to video editing, calligraphy, illustration and more, FUNN – Sharjah Media Arts For Youth and Children, is offering a wide spectrum of creative online workshops with a focus on actionable-learning to hone the skills of young media arts enthusiasts who are confined to #StayHome due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The highly engaging workshops, offered on FUNN’s social media channels @funnshj are held under the guidance of expert professionals, and aim to nurture a new generation of creative-minded critical thinkers and innovators by equipping them with the hands-on experience needed for value-creation endeavours.

FUNN offers an even greater varied virtual buffet of creativity workshops to encourage youth to pick and choose techniques and lessons that best serve their needs. Prominent amongst these include a session on ‘Illustration Tips’ by Kuwait-based illustrator and designer Ahmed Al Refaie in collaboration with Capture, a Dubai-based photography organisation. The workshop will consist of one-minute videos with quick tips on illustration. Of the three in the series, one has already been uploaded.

Jamila Al Housani, the owner of Jeem Design and Production will take an ‘After Effects Tutorial’ where participants can learn to create the Card Wipe effect to create incredible motion graphics. The two-minute video will explain how to animate the text using the Card Wipe effect for greater visual impact. Jamila will also share more tutorials on ‘After Effects’ soon.

A star pupil at FUNN, Shahed Shashaa, will offer a fascinating workshop on creating Kufic calligraphy art using Adobe Illustrator. Kufic is one of the oldest forms of Arabic calligraphy and is characterised by short vertical and elongated horizontal strokes.

3-D generalist Thomas Kutschera who previously taught how to turn a flat image into a 3-D model will now impart vital tips on best ways to add colour to the 3-D models.

‘How to dronerang?’, a term for drone boomerang, is the title of a workshop by Fahad Al Awadhi who will show examples to enable participants understand how to shoot and edit drone footage in boomerang effect.

Previously held workshops on photography, video editing, basics of tablet drawing on @funnshj
Missed out on the incredible first batch of these virtual workshops by FUNN? Don’t worry, they can still be accessed on their socials, @funnshj.

Director Obaid Al Humoodi led a virtual session on ‘Video Editing – Film Colouring’ as participants learnt how to correct the colours of a film in its postproduction process using Adobe Premiere Pro, the industry-leading video editing software for film, TV, and the web, to further boost visual storytelling.

Capture, a Dubai-based SME founded by a group of photographers with more than 20 years of experience, led three mobile photography workshops under the guidance of ace photographer, Kahled Al Shehhi, who shared tips and techniques to make the switch from amateur level to professional mobile photographer.

Oman-based photographer and author, HussainAl Bahrani @shabek conducted a workshop on ways to use digital imaging tools to edit images captured on the mobile phone. Participants leant how to remove spots and blemishes from a picture, remove or change background, colour correct, and tune images to create a professional photo.

Artist @gafshih led a four-minute tutorial about the basics of drawing on iPads or tablets with Adobe Photoshop Sketch, the versatile mobile sketching tool from Adobe.

The first in the Nikon photography series focused on food photography enabling participants to gain an insight into how details like composition, lighting, styling, and playing with colour can help create gorgeous, high-quality images.