The award of grants are awarded for five or more of the Arab writers and intellectuals on the overall production in the following fields:
• the field of hair
• Field story - the novel - the play
• the field of literary studies and criticism
• the field of Human & Future Studies
• the field of cultural and scientific achievement
Balnteg require moral and intellectual development of the candidate to have a unique place in the cultural production and creative and reflect the originality of Arab thought and ambition and aspirations of the Arab nation, and a new addition or a distinctive feature of Arab culture.
• The value of the prize money (600 thousand U.S. dollars) divided into five equal prizes.
• It is permissible for the author or writer who meets the conditions of nomination may directly nominate himself for the award.
• It is permissible for five of the writers and authors of the nomination should they see fit (in writing) to agree on a candidate when he addressed by the Secretariat of the Prize.
• accompanied by requests for nomination candidate's curriculum vitae, as well as a picture of identity, with five copies of each author of his books, and personal message of support for the nomination himself.
• identify the candidate Genres or intellectual who nominated himself for it.
• decisions of the jury are final and not subject to appeal.
• Achievement Award for Cultural and Scientific are not subject to arbitration and give a decision of the Board of Trustees of the institution.
• The award is granted to creators without regard to nationality or political beliefs, or intellectual or religious leanings.
• Do not accept the nomination of the Award winning Arab similar only after three sessions (6 years) on being awarded the prize
• A secretariat to rely on their own resources to know the candidate, who received a special award as stated in the preceding paragraph and the freezing of his nomination to be complemented by legal time in the same paragraph.
• Do not accept the nomination of a former member of the jury for the award only after the passage of two (4 years) on the expiry of his work in the Committee.
• Business must be published in books.
• Do not be returned books and nominations to the sender whether candidates won or did not win.
• the candidate to write his full name and address and phone number clearly in addition to (3) Photographs modern measurement (10 × 15) cm.
• Secretariat of the right to exclude any request for the nomination has not completed the conditions mentioned above. 


Send all correspondence to the Secretariat of the Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Foundation, at the following address:
Tel: 2243111-4-00971
Fax: 2217839-4-00971
Po. Box: 14300 Dubai - United Arab Emirates.