The Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Foundation has hosted a theatrical performance titled "Lulu Days", at 8:00 pm on Friday, September 30, 2016. The play, presented by Al Ahli Dubai    Theatre, is written and directed by Naji Al Hai with assistant director Abdullah Saleh, and features Badriyah Ahmed and Budoor as the two protagonists.


The plays opens with Susan, a young ballerina (played by Budoor), who – as we find out later in the play- has studied ballet in London after being encouraged and pressured to do so by her mother, who wants to show her off among her acquaintances. A long dialogue ensues between the ballerina and her old mother, Lulua, who suffers from dementia and confuses the living with the dead, her servants with her children. As the plot unravels, the audience discovers that Lulua's husband had passed away and that her family, which had once belonged to the upper class, had now become impoverished. Moreover, the audience finds out that the old woman resides with her young daughter in a wretched apartment, where they both live on social security benefits.


Naji Al Hai, the playwright and director of "Lulu Days", sheds light on troubled times, where the characters are trapped in a past filled with social paradoxes and corruption in all its forms. This troubled past is retold by a woman, who suffers from Alzheimer's disease who has lost her balance after her husband's death. The husband had made a fortune through embezzlement and illegal ways, and his wife only now remembers the false opulence they had once lived in; mistaking their shabby home for their luxurious mansion where she used to meet famous people from around the world, and remembers her travels with her late husband.


The two protagonists are: Susan, the daughter who has to suffer due to her dementia-affected mother, Lulua Al Salem. The mother has delusions about still living in luxury and opulence she had following her husband's death. She was cheated out of her money by her husband's business partners, who usurped her share of the business. The daughter is always in a conflict with her mother, who speaks to fantasies of dead people, and mistakes her daughter for one of her servants.


At the end of the performance, Dr. Fatima Al Sayegh honored artist Naji Al Hai, and presented him with the Foundation's commemorative shield, in a gesture that underlines the support given by the Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Foundation to local theatre. It is worth mentioning that the Foundation has hosted many theatrical performances by local theatre groups in the aim of strengthening the role of theatre in the development of the community.


The work team of the play consisted of: Tarek Khamis (Director of Production), Omar Khalil and Majdi Moustafa (assistant producers), Mohammed Mal (music), Ihab Azmi (music production and distribution), Haitham Jassem (Audio), Hafez Aman (dramaturge), Mohammed Al Ghas (scenography), Mohammed Jamal (lighting design), Abeer Wakil (choreography), Moushjan Jouadian and Mohsin Malaki (makeup).