Activities of a symposium on "Confronting the History of Literature" will kick off in Amman on Tuesday, September 27, 2016. The event, which is the fruit of cooperation between Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Foundation and Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation, will run for two days from September 27- 28, 2016, at Abdul Hamid Shoman Cultural Forum in Jabal Amman. The symposium aims at providing thematic criticism of Arab cultural stations and will see the participation of experts in the field of the history of literature from various Arab countries.


The opening ceremony will include a message from the Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Foundation, which will be delivered by the Foundation's Secretary General, Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al Mutawa, as well as a message from the Shoman Foundation, to be delivered by Dr. Valentina Qussisiya, CEO of Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation.


The symposium furthers scientific and cultural cooperation between the Al Owais Cultural Foundation and Shoman Foundation, as per the cooperation agreement signed by the two foundations in Dubai in 2010, which states that the two parties shall execute joint projects and exchange information and documents on a regular basis. This is a reflection of the general desire for mutual cooperation expressed by Arab cultural civil institutions. The Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Foundation has been a pioneer in this domain through the many joint events and activities it has organized in various Arab capitals and cities such as Fez, Damascus and Cairo.


The symposium will feature a number of discussion sessions including: "Transformations in the Concept of History: New Historicism and History as Narrative" (Dr. Mohsin Jasim Al Mousawi), "Periodization in Arab Culture" (Dr. Hassan Madan), "The Renaissance and Age of Enlightenment" (Dr. Gaber Asfour), "Philosophy and Confrontation: Questions and Problematics" (Dr. Hala Fuad), "Most Prominent Renovation Projects in History" (Dr. Faisal Darraj), "Periodization of Arabic Literature for Orientalists" (Dr. Ghada Khalil), "How New Theories Tackle the History of European Literature" (Dr. Mohammed El Shahhat", "Michel Foucault and History" (Mr. Abdo Wazen), "Historical Revisions of the Idea of the Age of Decline" (Dr. Ahmed Abou Hassan), "Did the Renaissance Fail?" (Dr. Imtinan Al Samadi) and "The Impact of Literary History Concepts on the Writings of Renaissance Novelists" (Dr. Shoukri Al Mabkhout.

The sessions of the symposium will be moderated by H.E. Ambassador Bilal Al Budoor, Dr. Saeed Al Za'bi, Dr. Khaled Al Karki, Dr. Hind Abou Al Shi'r, Dr. Salah Jarar and Dr. Shoukri Aziz Al Madi.