The Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Foundation will host a gala concert by vocalist Reham Abdel Hakim at 9pm on Thursday, December 21, 2017. The concert will be held at the Theatre Hall of Al Owais Cultural Foundation.


The concert wraps up an eventful year of artistic and cultural activities hosted by Al Owais Cultural Foundation, which included a colorful array of intellectual, cultural and artistic events and plastic art exhibitions that drew hundreds of culture and art enthusiasts.  


Vocalist Reham Abdel Hakim was born in Cairo in 1982. At seven years old, she started singing at the Cairo Opera House and joined the troupe of maestro Selim Sahab. She participated in many concerts at the small hall, the main hall and the open theatre of the Cairo Opera House. She also took part in the TV series, “Umm Kulthoum”, in which she starred as the legendary Egyptian singer Umm Kulthoum. In 2000, she played the role of “Salama” in the TV series “Al Hassan Al Basry”. She also starred as “Rabea Al Adaweya” in the play “Rabea Zahratal Asheqeen” in 2002.


It is worth mentioning that Reham Abdel Hakim, who holds a BA in English, received the Opera Theatre Award at the age of 13. She performed to Arab and European audiences in many countries including Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Jordan, Bahrain, UAE, France, Germany and Canada among others. In addition, she participated in numerous Arab festivals. She has released a number of musical albums, the most recent of which is an album titled, “Ahla Hadiyya” (Best Gift), which was produced by Aalam Al Fann and released in 2016.


Reham Abdel Hakim will perform a collection of popular songs by leading singers including: “Hayart Albi” (You Bewildered My Heart), “Al Oyoun” (The Eyes), “El Areeb Menak Be’eed” (Whomever is Close to You is Distant from You), “Ally Gara” (What Happened), “Olly Amallak Eih” (What Have I Done?), “Zay el Asal” (Like Honey), “Ba’a Ayez Tensany” (You Want to Forget Me?) and “Enta Omry” (You Are My Life) among many other songs.